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Checking in... and a prayer...

This blog contains affiliate links, which do not cost you anything, but help earn me a little money in commissions, should you click on that link and purchase something! Thank you!  Well, it's not Monday OR Wednesday, but I thought I should check in since I hadn't written a post in a while. It's been busy... that's how life is though... so it's been more than that. Traveling back to AR for meetings. Housing grandkids. Busy calendar. All of it - and none of it. Just not sure of my motivation to write, second guessing it... and busy at work too... and wondering if I am more of a facilitator to help other's social media come out online without a hitch, or if I'm supposed to be applying these nuggets of wisdom to my own writing. Who knows?? It's also been a time of seeking God on what direction in missions Mark and I are supposed to take. Other prayers appreciated!! Father, I ask that You would pour out Your Holy Spirit on this house, on our marriage,

Word Wednesday....errrrr THURSDAY... On Tithing, Generosity, and a prayer!

I hate it when I misplace days. Does that happen to you? I knew all day Tuesday, that it WAS indeed Tuesday, but somehow when I woke up Wednesday I thought it was Tuesday all over again! UGH. These stupid antihistamines... It's a wonder I can think at all!! I'm grateful that despite those days I'd love a do-over, God keeps us moving forward... or rather, with all the snow and ice around here... PLOWING forward! He's so gracious to give us all things in it's proper season.  God is SO good to give. He is a GIVING God! I love to read about the giving that goes on over at The Generous City , hearing stories of people blessing others. Mark and I try to make it a priority to live generously, and it's always exciting to hear of new ways that others are being led by God to live that out in their lives.  Last weekend at church ( Crossroads Christian Church, Newburgh, IN ), one of our pastors, Patrick Garcia , offered a moving prayer (well, it moved ME) as

Middle-Aged Monday... and a prayer...

The view from my husband's office this morning... grey skies make me blue too... Some days I wake up blue... do you?  I had been putting off the unpleasant task of writing my father's obituary. His wife still hasn't told us that he passed away 4 months ago, and she chose to not have any services for him at the time of his cremation. We have no way to get in touch with her (besides driving the 10 hours and camping out on her doorstep). She's not going to be happy that we put a notice in the paper, but we felt it was due him, and our family heritage, to know the details of his life. It will appear later this week in the Cassville Democrat.  Whether it was a spiritual battle, or an emotional one (or most likely both), I put it off for a full week and a half. I didn't even think of it during that time, but I'd set aside a deadline that it would be completed today, whether or not I met the paper's deadline for 3pm on Monday.  Little did I know that the