Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Word Wednesday... and a prayer...

"For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them.” - Matthew 18:20 NLT

Oh, the week has been so long, and writing here has really been hard. I've had a week and a half full of lots of phone calls, emails and emotions as my sisters and I sort through the facts of our father's death. Some parts of this are so, so hard. Other times I'm delighted as I see God open and close doors. Even when the results are not so favorable, I am easily pleased to see His provisions. I'm often relieved that I don't have to cross certain bridges today, or this week, and I can rest and trust God to make a way for the future. 

I'm surprised at the amount of peace I'm feeling, but I shouldn't be surprised. 
I KNOW that the prayers of our believing friends and family members, as they lift us up, are sustaining me. I'm SO grateful that despite miles and the trials that they are facing in their own lives, they have taken the time to pray for me, for my sisters, for our families. What a blessing!

I truly believe that our "gathering together" can come in many ways. Of course, being face to face is SO valuable; it's easy to feel His presence when we are on our knees together. I have felt His presence also in praying on the phone with friends. I've also read prayers that others have typed out to me in emails, in Facebook posts, even in text messages... all of these, I think, constitute "gathering together". I'm so grateful for His provision of "being there" for us, even when we can't always be side by side. I'm so thankful for Him to allow us to use technology to connect across the miles...

Father, I thank You for the ways You have created all things to be used for Your glory. Please continue to motivate us to utilize the tools that You have given us to lift up and pray for others, and for each other. I ask that Your will would be fulfilled in my life, and that I will be obedient to Your voice to pray as prayers are needed. 

Thank You for the provision of prayer, and for making a clear way for us in the midst of trials and troubles. We love You, and are so blessed to be Your blessing! 

In Jesus' name we pray... amen. 

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