On Raising Generous Children... a featured post at The Generous City...

Much like other habits (smoking, snapping our bubblegum, eating at McDonalds,etc) generosity is a habit learned when parents pass it down to their children. I have observed this all around me in community.
Last spring I attended a women’s writing conference in Nebraska and met Jennifer Dukes Lee. Jennifer is a storyteller, a wife, and raiser of generous daughters. Their family has been connected to ministry and missions in Haiti for several years now, and her girls have grown to know the names of the people there as if they are a part of their own family.
She saw her next generation begin to sprout generosity...

I hope you will join me over at The Generous City and read the rest of the story on Jennifer's amazing girls? 

And then go and spend some of that Christmas cash you got over at the store for Givington's or for ViBella!


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