Monday, January 20, 2014

Middle-Aged Mondays - When You Want to do SOMETHING MORE... and a prayer...

I'm not quite sure when I decided that I wanted more than *just* staying at home; when I realized that I had skills, talents, and interests (and ok, got a swift kick from God) and had to get up off the couch and SERVE. I think I've always looked for opportunities to serve Him in Kingdom work, and WAS involved the whole time our kids were home (youth group, worked and volunteered at camp, etc) but to take it beyond the comfortable was new to me. 

Imagine my surprise when my God passion for missions and starts opening doors for me to serve through them. Cooking at a camp or training. Mobilizing for an agency. Speaking to a group about being a Parent of Missionary (POM). Writing about being a POM. Then serving in our church in the area of Missionary Care. I loved doing all of this!

If you are approaching middle-age, have you thought of how you will serve? Are you involved in a ministry now that will allow you to stay with it as you get older? Is there an area that you've always wanted to serve, that you've been too busy (or broke!) parenting to do? Will you take steps towards that in the coming year? 

One of the doors that God has opened is with the women at (in) The ministry of (in)courage is so much more than *just* a blogging website. In a few weeks there will be 57 groups of women meeting online and in community! The topics they share in common will span topics from empty nesting to military wives, from wives of pastors to infertility. Anything you can think of will draw women together to encourage and pray with and for each other. 

The group that I'm involved in is called (in)courage global care. Our focus is women serving abroad - ALL areas of serving! We are there to provide support for women global workers, women who provide global worker care, and moms, sisters and daughters of global workers. 

Tomorrow starts the early registration for our group! If you are interested in learning more, or signing up for ONLY our group, please come on over and sign up!! We meet on Facebook in a private/secret group, and have a separate blog site for the women working in more secure areas. You can learn more by reading and signing up here. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment, or email me. 

Lord, I pray for each of us, as we grow in You and in maturity. Please use our days to bring glory to Your name, to share Your love with those that don't worship You, or don't know You. Whether You put us to work here, near, or far away, let our feet be willing to go, our hands willing to support others that go, and our lips to share Your Word. We love You and honor You! Amen. 

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