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Middle-Aged Mondays - To replace hormones or not... and a little prayer...

I had to have a hysterectomy when I was in my early 30's, and there was no question to do hormone replacement. They started me on a low dose, but after a few days of intense, strange dreams and hot flashes they bumped me up to the top of the list... that little yellow pill. Bioidenticals were not even mentioned at that time, nor at any time afterwards. 

It's funny, how the desecrated pig thyroid is considered the more "natural" thyroid medication... but estrogen made from pregnant horse urine is considered "chemical".... all a matter of semantics!

Now I've been on a lower dose of estrogen for a number of years, and this past December decided to quit it - once and for all! Oh boy! Within a week, my hot flashes were raging, I was hardly sleeping at night, and I'm sure I was more than a little emotional. I was praying for my husband BIG TIME!!

Since then, I've seen a new doctor in this new town, and she just "happens" to be a specialist in bioidentical hormone replacement! I had all my bloodwork done last week to determine what my levels are (estrogen free at that time!) and I'll find out later this week what she has to say. (I LOVE when God orchestrates this stuff!!) 

What do YOU have to say? If you are under 50, have you had a hysterectomy? If you are over 50, have you reached menopause? Are you using hormone replacement? What kind? And perhaps... why not? Maybe you haven't heard of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy... and this can be a place for all of us to learn. 

I don't want this to be an argument, just a discussion. I know that people get passionate about their personal health care decisions and don't want to infringe on those boundaries... let's be respectful!

Lord, thank You that You created us to be amazingly complex in our physical being. I pray that You will give us wisdom as we learn more about the many chemicals that You integrated in our bodies, each one having a purpose. Help us to learn! 

I also pray that as we face emotional, exhausting days; as our bodies are not functioning as they did while they were younger, and as the changes we are going through can put stress on our relationships - give those around us grace, give us foresight to see when what we are going through is hormonally based, and give us lots of forgiveness to extend to the ones we love (or even just like a little). 

In Jesus' Name... amen. 


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