Monday, January 6, 2014

Middle-Aged Mondays: New For 2014 - and a Prayer (of course)!

So many folks are re-vamping their blogs, getting face-lifts if you will, to put their best foot forward for the new year. I didn't want to re-do things, but wanted a way to ADD to what I felt was already good. I'm pretty diverse, and pretty spontaneous, and those two things need to be reigned in a bit and need to learn about scheduling blog posts...

That being said, the "new" in new year is going to be more of content and scheduling and not a pretty new face. (I kinda like my face anyways...)

... so adding to the mix of PRAYER (and being a SAFE place to PRAY), I'm adding a few themes and scheduling things....

Starting with...


Don't you feel your age (or a few years older?) on a Monday mornings? I love the fact that weekends are over and I get to settle into the routine of a week... but sometimes I feel the creeks and crimps MORE on a Monday morning than any other day of the week! I want to capture that moment, and TURN IT AROUND for God's Glory! I don't want to gripe about growing older, I want to celebrate it ... even the gray hairs and hot flashes!!

So on Monday's I'll be writing about things only a Middle-Aged woman would fully understand, but I also want to invite you younger women (because I know that you're out there) to peek in too... I don't have a mom around to tell me about the woes and wonders of being this age/stage and I'm sure some of you don't have them either (or are not comfortable asking about it!). So pull up a chair and listen in!

Will you join me??

I also invite you to write in if there's a special topic you want brought up! I may have to creatively type to get the point across... but I don't think any topic is off base when it comes to health, mental health, taking care of ourselves, and mentoring through seasons of life. If it's really a borderline topic, we'll just have to email about it!

I hope that you'll join in, come along, and speak up where you are led to!

Pray with me...?

Lord, I don't have a close "older woman" to talk and walk me through this phase of life, and I don't want any other woman to feel this way. I pray Lord, that You will give me wisdom and discernment on what topics to write on, and creative ways to laugh at myself as I bumble through the process of learning to discipline myself to schedule posts on these different topics.

I'm so grateful for the gifts that You give each of us. Please bless my sisters (and brothers) out there to have courage and wisdom to know what steps to take to use their gifts too. Father, equip us, give us boldness to speak Truth, discernment to not stumble others and Your fruits to hold each other in prayer and friendship. Help us Lord to know that You are always with us, and to accept the rough days, no matter what day of the week it comes on. Let us see Your plan unfurl in our lives... all for Your Glory... Amen... 

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