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Five Minute Friday... See... and a Prayer...

On Friday's I like to join in the fun over at Lisa-Jo Baker's place, and play in her Five Minute Friday writing exercise. Each week there's a different word posted at midnight, and then the frenzy starts to write for 5 minutes flat on that topic. There's no correcting, no editing, just raw, writing fun.

This week the word of the week is "SEE". I'm writing my five minutes worth below... and enjoy the photos at the bottom of the post... things I'll see this week while we're on vacation...

We sat in the car together side by side, and I couldn't get enough talking, or listening in. He gladly pulls over from the long drive to let me snap photos, as we meander our way (mostly familiar) to get from the frozen homefront to the coastal cold-ness... not the ideal time to go to the beach, but it doesn't matter. It's not frozen like home!

When we arrive, find our friends that have invited us to join them, I SEE all I want to see... the sun setting in the Gulf, the white sandy beach, the smiles of our friends - out of our normal places, and learning to see so much more... the bird life, the people working around us, the lines relaxing from my husbands' forehead.

We walk on the sand, let the guys go golfing as us girls go to the zoo (SO much to SEE!) and look for wildlife in it's own habitat. Vacations are good to do that... look for the ordinary in our unordinary. Although the beach is familiar to me, THIS beach is not! The places, the hidden great things, the restaurants... lovely things to SEE in all of it. I'm glad that my eyes are SEEing it all! Join me in the memories...

(STOP  - I had 14 seconds left, but wanted to put the photos up...)

Father, allow us to admire and be captivated by the beauty of Your creation. Thank you for making the world for us to enjoy, and for putting us on this planet. You are the best Creator... the only Creator... and we love it for the senses that You give us to enjoy this world You've created... amen.


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