Monday, December 9, 2013

Photo (and Prayer) of the Day

We had a lot of sunshine today... but then clouds moved in this afternoon. The birds were going crazy... several cardinals were at my back porch, and it was delightful. 

The roads are still frozen, as is our driveway, but I managed to get out and run an errand just before dark. It was one of those feelings to walk in and be glad to be home.

Lord, we know many who are traveling, many stranded beyond our imagination because of the storms. Please bring comfort to them, to their loved ones, and allow the flights and highways to all move smoothly soon. 

I pray that You will direct the storms, and keep people depending on You for their needs. You are the only Light we truly need. Be our source. Draw people close to You. 

Thank You for the beauty of the winter snows, and let it remind us how You cleanse us white as snow. Thank You for being our Light, and giver of Life. We love You and need You. 


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