Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hello Christmas... And a prayer...

Like most of the country, we are traveling to visit family before Christmas. We've left the frigid part of one part of the country, to go to a snow covered area that is expecting a warm front - who knew? I want to be out taking pictures of the snow blanketed woods before it all melts off... But there are grand kids to hold and grown kids to talk to and I just don't want to miss this, THIS, for a few good photo opportunities...

Lord, change my heart and make me sensitive to where You want me to be. Help me to see You and feel You - in the clutter of my grand kids hugs and in the solitude of the silent, moon lot night.

Help us to remember that this season is not just about the tinsel, the gifts and lights, but about the stable, the silence if the stars and the rejoicing angels... We praise You for sending Jesus to earth... Happy Birthday to our Saviour!

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