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Happy New Year... MY WORD for the coming year... and a prayer...

I've done a WORD for the year for a long time... mostly because I am not a resolution maker (rather, I'm a great resolution BREAKER! ha!), yet I still wanted a focus for the year. I'd seek God for that word, praying, fasting, reading, meditating on what He was showing me. The process is much the same today! 

My mind has been swirling. Mark and I are on the cusp of changing our health, and as I read the book The Daniel Plan (Warren/Hyman/Amen), different words are dashing through my mind. Change. Eat. Focus. All words I've prayed about - and dismissed. 

I'm actually a bit humored by the word that God's given me to focus on this year! 

I think He planted the seed for this year's word in the last year. Having recently made our 3rd move in 4 years (not counting the apartments in between!) my heart is having a hard time embracing any place as "home". I had called my time in the Ozarks my "18 years in the desert" but the reality is that I still feel He's leading us, calling us to not settle anywhere. When I went back and read the account of Moses leading the Israelites, I came upon this verse in Exodus 14 (v 15) ...

"Then the Lord said to Moses, “Why are you crying out to me? Tell the people to get moving!""

And that's where my heart landed. 


I'm making a MOVE in my health, my physical body, my spiritual self (I never want to stop growing there!). I want the scales to MOVE (lose weight), scales to be REMOVED (from my eyes, to see the glory of my Lord), and I want to MOVE through walking, exercise and dance. I am MOVING into my office soon, we have MOVED into a new home, and I have re-committed myself to MOVING through prayer walking our neighborhood, and city. I want to be MOVED (emotionally) by what breaks His heart. I want to be willing to MOVE (not holding on to the place He has us this season). I need to be ON the MOVE in my neighborhood... 4 months here and no one has even come over to introduce themselves?? Seriously?? I need to MOVE unhealthy foods out of my kitchen, and MOVE around dirt in the yard for a garden, to plant healthy things. I want to see the effects of Jesus MOVING in my life in the coming year! 

MOVE is my word for 2014! 

Lord, You alone can MOVE me. Move the stubborn cells in my mind to make clear a way for You to change me - mind, body, and spirit. Give me healthy food cravings, a joy-full countenance, energy to physically MOVE daily, and help that scale to MOVE down! When I'm bothered by afflictions (like hives and hot flashes) please MOVE my attitude away from frustration and doubt and into a place of joyful suffering, like Job, trusting You to heal in Your perfect timing. MOVE my heart to be more like Yours. MOVE in me, and MOVE me!! 

In Jesus' name... amen!


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