Friday, November 8, 2013

Prayer Request... Empty Arms...

Sometimes things happen that can't be explained... or shouldn't be. We don't have words adequate to say to someone who is hurting so deeply, knowing that they've lost the unborn baby they loved so dearly.

I know of a few women, who in the past few weeks have miscarried. They are at different places in their grieving process... and it's hard. HARD. Distance makes it difficult to DO what my hands and feet want to DO... cook, clean, help with other children, dry tears and hold hands...

But what we CAN DO is pray. And I've been doing that... but would you pray too? Pray for these women, and all the others that are hurting for the babies that they won't get to hold till heaven...

Father, You alone know what is going on in each of these circumstances. We trust You with that. We also ask that You will fulfill Your promises to these women that are left with empty arms. Please meet them where they are NOW. Let them feel Your presence, and sense Your Holy Spirit's comfort. Father, bring peace into the turmoil and pain. Heal physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Bring husbands and wives together to mourn, and restore trust, love and peace in their marriages. We ask this in Jesus' Name... amen. 

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