Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Prayer for a Cold... Rainy Night...

Lord, renew my passion for my husband. It's been a long day... my muscles are sore and I want to soak in the tub, but I hear You beckon me to LISTEN. Listen to my husband as he tells about the LONG day he's had... to the troubles he's faced, the prayers he's said... what You have shown him today.

Bend my ear towards him. In each conflict that took place today, help me to remember that You placed this work ethic in him... You provided this job that we prayed for... You equipped him to do it. So as I listen to him, let me give thanks to YOU for all you have done... for him, and for us... and let my listening be an act of worship to You.

Help me Lord to turn off the computer, plug my phone in the other room, and give all my attention to him. Give us other things to talk about besides my day... the weather, the neighborhood, the next project on the house. Let me take my eyes off of myself and keep them on You.

And when the house is quiet and it's easy to breathe, let me love my husband with a new passion. You restore me over and over to my love for You... also renew it for him... the husband of my youth. Father, help our hearts be committed to only each other this way... and let nothing come between us. We need You to continually be the center of it... the foundation of it. Let us love each other because of our love for You, and Your love for us...

In Jesus' name... amen...

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