Friday, November 22, 2013

A Week Later - tired. finally home!

I'm exhausted. I've been gone more in the past month than I've been home, and this new house doesn't feel like home yet. I can't wrap my brain about where I live anymore! The past 4 places I've lived keep getting confused in my mind. Is there a name for that? Does anyone else feel this way? I'll call it "Move Too Much Syndrome".  
My eyes are tired. My mind running on empty. I'm physically exhausted, yet there's so much I want (and need) to do to make this home. 
But today, freezing cold wind cut through me as we took a little detour to take some photos in an area near where we used to live. It was refreshing, but I felt so disconnected... these places I've lived and made memories and walked away. Always walking away. 
Or rather, walking where He leads me! 
Perhaps I've not been walking away nearly as much as He has been LEADING me away! 
He's done so much in my life the past few years... really amazing dreams and visions and time to bond with those that I love. I think that He has been glorified in my life. Daily, I pray. My faith continues to grow, my eyes seek after Him, my feet chase. Even in this exhaustion. I find solace in the shadow of His wings as I lift prayers up... and I'm renewed.
So tonight, in my tiredness, I want to encourage you to keep being led -  keep letting Him lead you... 
so we may bring honor to His name... 

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