Monday, September 2, 2013

Revisiting the Marina's Kitchen Table Archives - #7

I recently found the hard drive of all my first posts, writing in a Yahoo Group called Marina's Kitchen Table. It was the same thing as here, but perhaps a little more devotional in writing, as I leaned hard on God during a really difficult season in life. 

I'm sharing those first writings again, as we make another move, and I anticipate my time at the computer to be more focused on getting the work done on that handbook on Missionary Care. 

I hope that you enjoy these entries as much as I do. I have NO idea where this journey will go, as I was as irregular a writer then as I am now! :)  Some things never change! 

Be blessed!

There is a new song by Fernando Ortega that is getting a lot of air play on our local Christian radio station (90.7 KOBC). I can't sing the verses, but there is a line in the chorus that says "This good day, It is a gift from You". The theme is basically, no matter what this day holds, it is still a gift from God, and that alone is enough to make it a good day.

Today I needed to know that. I have been dealing with an ongoing nuisance health problem. I use that term because it is not something that everyone can see, and it doesn't APPEAR to be life threatening, and my personal physician thinks it's just the effects of a previous
problem that has already been solved, like scar tissue. In my heart of hearts, I have felt (since last May) that there is something more going on. It's not ugly. It's not incredibly painful, just
uncomfortable. It just bugs me.

Today was THE DAY. I saw a new Dr., a SPECIALIST, and he confirmed that this probably had nothing to do with the other problem (that has since been resolved). Although he isn't sure WHAT it is, he knows what steps to take to identify the problem, and will have options to
correct it/deal with it. With his words, I cried. Not sad tears, but tears of relief! Confirmation!

Now, nothing horrible happened today. I had some blood work done in preparation for a CAT scan (Fri) and I will not know those results until next week. Even that will be a "painless procedure" and I have nothing to fear. Yet there is this level of suspense that looms in my
heart. Not quite fear, maybe anticipation. Like preparing for a journey, and not knowing what to expect on the trip.

In my "mind's eye" I have a vision. I am standing behind a HUGE shield. I can see that God is holding it in front of me, and I feel the warmth of His presence behind me. Not pushing me, but walking with me. Yet I am completely surrounded by Him. If I grow weary, I can fall back on Him. If I enter a dangerous situation, He will protect me. I can not see around the shield, it is so big. I feel incredibly safe here. I know that I need to take steps, I can't stand still, and yet I can't see where to place my feet.

Is it blind faith?

I know the source of my strength, my protection. I trust Him completely with all of my steps, all of my life. I know that danger will be out there, but I KNOW that I am safe. There is a peace in this shelter. He is the shelter, I am His created. He is the giver of every day, no matter what it holds. As long as I remain "in Him" I will be safe.

That takes action on MY part. So here I stay. In the "walls of His fortress," in the "shadow of His wings."

I will spend today reading the Psalms, and of the times that others saw God as a "rock and fortress in whom I can trust".

Blessings to each of you, as you celebrate "this good day"!

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