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My Weekend in Photos

Normally on Monday's I'm tied to the computer for DaySpring, checking in on posts and following up with correspondence. But today - TODAY - my email was off line, so I couldn't see but a handful of posts made to Facebook and waiting to be posted on Meet Me In The Meadow. I took advantage of it and went on a butterfly hunt for one of the posts later this week that needed a photo of a butterfly!

The storms that blew through Sunday afternoon, left it a bit cooler today... in the 80's instead of near 100. 

It was a little cooler out, but I knew I'd have to find a place with flowers blooming and water for it to be a successful hunt.

I went to Audubon State Park first. I saw several birds there, but no butterflies, and their flowers were really sad... even their manicured garden was only displaying ornamental flowers. :(  Disappointing.

One of the few flowers at Audubon State Park...

A lovely hibiscus in a pot at the Audubon Museum Gardens. 

Then I headed over to some gardens that I remembered going to with a friend a few years ago. I thought I remembered them being just off The Lloyd (the main highway through Evansville), but I wasn't exactly sure where. I tried to get Siri to help on my phone, but alas, she didn't know what I was talking about. I winged it and drove along, and ran into them on my own (well, with God's help!).

Bees and Butterflies were all over the gardens! Hope there are local bee keepers taking care of all the honey! 

The gardens are there on behalf of the Master Gardeners of SW Indiana! YAY!! Although I haven't completed my Master Gardener volunteer hours, I did manage to get the classes done last winter in Fayetteville. Sadly, this isn't the group I would get to join (it goes by county, and they aren't even in the same STATE as me!). Oh well. I'll check out Kentucky Master Gardener offerings another time.

Enjoy the photos, and I hope you had a great weekend!

Smelled so sweet! 

Lovely color!


Taking flight!



...and more zinnias!

Color contrast was lovely!

My favorite butterfly that was hanging around today.

Lovely roses...several varieties there...some more fragrant than others...

Love the color and texture contrast!


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