Monday, September 30, 2013

1/31 Days Outside the Kitchen and On the Move!

I'm trying my best to get back in the blogging routine and jumping in with the 31 series for October. Already I know I won't have internet for the first 10 days (not in the home at least... First thing we turned off when we knew we were moving!), and my life is torn between AR and KY.

So my "do what you can plan" (as friend Holley Gerth would say) is to post a photo a day. There may (or may not) be a scripture, or even a comment! You (and I!) can be pleasantly surprised each day! I'll be surprised if I can get a post up from my phone without major errors in it! :)

So... Happy October!! And welcome to my version of 31 Days of Blogging!!

This is a fig tree in the Botanical Gardens of the Ozarks. I haven't seen one in years, but remember the one we had growing in our backyard in Torrance, CA. My grandma loved eating them, and I just remember them being seedy...any Fig Newton would tell you that. I just think its a beautiful tree! The shiny leaves are thick and leathery, the fruit stands out in shape, texture and color. God the Artist did His best in composition on the lowly fig tree! Celebrate with me! Pass the Fig Newtons please!

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