Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Thoughts on the Declare Conference

It's been a few days since returning from The Declare Conference, and I wanted to share a few things that God showed me while experiencing the conference and listening to the amazing keynote speakers and workshop leaders.

There was such an amazing sense of COMMUNITY there, and the affirming Spirit of unity prevailed. Now I'm still a newbie to blogging conferences (although I've been online since the late 90's!) and I may have been oblivious to any strife in the group - but I sure didn't feel it, or see it. I LOVE that we can DECLARE that God is our King, our Creator, our Lord and Savior - and in all that - we are unified and taking our eyes off of ourselves and lifting Him higher!

Way down here is this beautiful thing that we can encourage, inspire, and hold accountable our sisters in Christ as we allow Him to walk us through this gifting He's given us. We write for Him, not for us. All glory to our God!!

It's a delicate balance then, as a writer, to have enough moxie to put our words out here (or there, or in a book!) and still be humble enough to continually go to the ONE that gives us those words. I don't want to ever try to do this without Him. Not even in my measly little blog.

So Lord, give me that balance (give it to EACH of us!) and stir up enough courage to be a writer, enough faith to put it out there, enough ego (really??) to "pitch it" and hold our head up and speak these words when You open doors, and enough humbleness to remember that we can't do ANY of it in ourselves. We are TOTALLY dependent on You.

I loved the process of preparing a book proposal and "pitching it" to Jessie Kirkland of The Blythe Daniel Agency. It wasn't so much that I have hopes of getting my book published - that's God's dream, not mine, and I'm content on doing it as a FREE e-book; it was more the process of preparing the proposal, and for that I think it will be a better book - even if it's only ever a free ebook!

I learned a lot about Social Media from Amanda White from - like it's ok to NOT like an area of Social Media! Life goes on!

I loved the humor and lessons from listening (and laughing WAY out loud!) to Jeff Goins and his antics on parenting, life in Nashville, and BEING A WRITER. It was a GREAT evening of taking so many notes!!

I think my most favorite was listening to Mary DeMuth as a keynote and workshop leader. Her life mirrors mine in many ways, so I can relate to the struggles of healing, forgiveness, and the need to be heard... and yet I learned so much about her and from her in many other ways. It was almost like learning at the heels of a wise woman. (oh wait, it WAS learning from a wise woman!) I'll save my notes on that for another time.... stay tuned!!

All in all, the fellowship was great, the encouragement amazing, and the women who arranged it all were gracious in Southern Hospitality. The vendors had meaningful displays of great causes, and the food was tasty, the beds comfortable and clean. I'd love to go back again, for work or pleasure, but definitely for The Declare Conference!!


  1. Oh Marina--
    It was so delightful to meet you in person. :)
    I agree with everything-- the whole weekend was simply magical!!

  2. Marina, what a gift it was to connect with you at Declare. And the meals we shared and connections we realized we had...well it was all God, and for that I am so very thankful!! xoxo

  3. Such sweet humbling words. Could I actually be wise?? :)


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