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An Early Blog Birthday

Recently I've been going to a few writing conferences, and my brain could not comprehend that I'd been on blogger for SO long - so I thought I'd go back and verify my facts. I thought I could just jump back in the archives to my first post, but what I ended up having to do was page back... farther and farther... to the very first post on here. It was, in fact, on August 28, 2007 (I honestly thought it was more like 2004... but the site wouldn't lie!) and it was in fact about starting a new chapter! You can read that first day's post here.

I've found the old hard drive to locate the dates on the posts I blogged (well, I didn't use that term back then... I WROTE!... lol to all you Jeff Goins fans!) on a Yahoo Group... it was all I knew - being new to the internet and all. It was around the late 90's that I wrote these first posts,  (I thought it was in 2001, but that was when we changed computers, and moved them all to another drive!). our computers were hand me downs from dear friends that were retired from IBM, so they had new computers once a year or so.

Our first few computers weren't even internet compatible, which was fine, since we didn't have internet in our area for a long time! Once we did get it, of course it was dial up (remember those tones?) and I soon got a Yahoo Group account set up for Marina's Kitchen Table (I looked just now, and it isn't there any more - I'm sure I deleted it!). As our computer got outdated, and Yahoo increasingly added more and more cookies to their programming, I ended up shutting down the Marina's Kitchen Table Yahoo Group and eventually started it back up as a blogger site.

Now that I've found those old posts, I think I'll run them as a series a few days a week - something good for me to do in the midst of this move! In the mean while, I'll celebrate my 6 year blogger birthday on here!!

Pull up a chair, and choose your cupcake! :)


  1. Marina, this is wonderful! Your voice here comes through loud and clear! I'm anxious to read the rest in this series!!!


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