Tuesday, June 4, 2013

On Getting OLD--er than Middle Age

I've always been fascinated (and admittedly saddened) when I see people get old. When their minds go before their bodies, that's hard...but I think it's harder on loved ones when the mind is sharp and the body declines quickly.

Some people ARE old, but their minds stay sharp and their bodies active. Is there a connection? I think so...so we continue to push our failing joints around the neighborhood...under the illusion of daily walking the dog...(who praise God doesn't know how to spell or read yet, because she sure knows that word!); and utilize the facade of improving our mind as we learn new games, play on the Wii and remain avid backgammon players...all for the sake of "remaining young".

I've seen a few Type A personalities get old...I don't think that's what I am, but I stay busy enough that sometimes I worry that I am. Type A's get pushy and manipulative in old age. Whether it's your time or the conversation, they are LARGE and in charge. My theory is that they are so used to running something (a company, a club, or their family) that when they lose that job, that spouse, or their health, they choose to control what they can...the "people pleasers" of the world (now, THAT would be me!).

I'm glad that I've observed this more than one time...it allows me to set firmer boundaries and extend a little grace when they monopolize conversations. Hehe

I pray that I'm a sweet old lady...rephrased, that I'll BECOME a sweet old lady. I have known a few of them too; full cookie jars on the counter and a few cats in the house.  Maybe a dog. Always happy to see you, whether you arrived in the middle of her nap, or the Wheel of Fortune. Never says anything gossipy, or mean, about the other blue haired ladies. Always wears a smile (even while she shifts her teeth around!) and gladly shuffles around the tiny kitchen to put water on for tea...and another cookie? (Yes please!)

Maybe I'll be an avid gutter sweeper, like my mother's mother was. Perhaps I'll grow a great herb garden (raised bed) or prize roses? Maybe I'll crochet by the window, counting stitches with my eyes closed, until I fall asleep, dog at my feet.

I just want to be a sweet servant! I want my home to have the aroma of Christ, the Holy Spirit to dwell there. That my attitude would reflect the presence of God in my life...and in my home...and I want the neighborhood kids to want to come by to see me! To empty those cookie jars! :)

Lord, let it be so!

My Aunt Cor and her brother - my dad. Mid 1980's

Mark's Nana and Grandad, when our kids were tiny.

Me with dear Mom/Friend/Mentor Charlotte (aka the Quilt Lady, or the Goat Lady!).


  1. I looove this: "I just want to be a sweet servant" whose home holds the "sweet aroma of Christ". I think we can ALL use that reminder, no matter what age we are. I would love to sit in your kitchen and chat over a sweet cup of tea. You are such an encpuragement to this young momma. :)

  2. Thank you Stephanie! You are welcome to come sit and chat (virtually, or real face to face) ANY time! There's always room for one more, and the little ones can run all they want in the yard, or snuggle up on a lap!


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