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Keeping Up

Boy, life's been busy. Tonight I just had to wind down and relax a bit. I didn't think of it as "Sabbath time" but it sure felt like it.

When I'm home alone, after having a houseful, it leaves me sad  -  and EXHAUSTED. I love my daughter and SIL, love my 5 grandkids a bunch, LOVE to get to see them in person, and not online; but for some reason, this time, I loved waving good-bye to them too.

(Abbey the Wonderdog doesn't quite agree with me. She's moping around, whining, looking for the kids...she doesn't understand how they came and went so quickly!)

Once the house was quiet, I threw a load of towels in the wash, stripped a bed (next load) and laid down in my own bed. I slept for 2 hours, which was nuts. Sometime in there I watered outside, but it was a "lay the hose down in the garden" type soak, not a sprinkle all over kind watering. It was stinking hot out...and stayed over 90 all day. That makes me tired too.

I wanted to read, to use that as my relaxation time, but I couldn't keep my eyes open. Too tired. I literally fell in bed, and slept solid. I needed that, not only physically, but emotionally too. It's hard on me to say good-bye...but I managed to do it today without shedding a tear. Perhaps it's because I hope to see them in 10 days when my son gets married? It keeps me praying for safety as they are driving around and visiting with others while they are in this part of the country.

Well, my head's bobbing, and I'm tired again.

OH, Mark (my DH) read "Invisible"! I had read it back in March, and wrote a review on it (you can read my review here.). He's the kind of guy who enjoys going to chick-flics with me - so that's why he read the book. It was a good distraction from stress of the day, and relaxed him. Almost immediately he connected with the characters, and he enjoyed the story line. He was glad that they didn't leave him hanging at the end. It WAS a great book - fun - relaxing to read.

Next we are both reading "Tipping Our Kings" - his and hers reviews upcoming!


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