Friday, June 14, 2013

FMF - Listen

It's been a few weeks, but I always read some of the Five Minute Friday posts, even if I don't take the time to write one myself...but tonight I was up, the computer was all warmed up, and my fingers limber. I'm ready for bed - but thought - hey, why not just do it now - so here I am. You can learn all about the rules and history of FMF here. 


If I sit quietly in the dining room, I can sometimes hear the tinkle...tinkle...tinkle of the fountain on the other side of the windows. Usually, I just sit out on the bench and watch the fountain flow, spilling from one level to the next, then starting over at the top again.

DH wanted to landscape in one of those rock fountains, the ones that look like a little waterfall...and well, while there's room for that (and a whole koi pond, for that matter) it wasn't the look or the feel that I felt the house needed. It needed a fo untain up front, something stately and sort of European-ish, or as I prefer "Mediterranean", to go with the style of the house. 

But I regress...

So it really didn't matter what it looked like, it needed to SOUND great. It's hard to HEAR ONE fountain when there's 10 plugged in at the big box store...or any other store for that matter! But this one is great. I LOVE the sound of it. It's soothing, and the thought of that water spilling down is enough to soothe these ruffled feathers. Therapy for sure. 

Just the other night, grandsons in tow, we sat on the bench (one boy in the stroller, the smaller one in my arms) and listened to the fountain. My daughter told me that the boy wasn't sleeping well lately; that he needed to relax and fall asleep before you could lay him in bed. I knew right away what would we sat on the front landing and listened to the water, and my special "goodnight mix" on the iPad - the lullabies from Andrew Peterson's "Bugs, Slugs and Lullabies" and then the "Start Smart" night time cd. Between the soothing songs, singing along, and the constant background of the fountain, we were all ready for bed in no time. It was delightful. 


My fountain at night; I love how the lights play on the dining room ceiling!


  1. What an absolutely lovely way for your grandson to fall asleep in your arms... listening.

  2. What a beautiful fountain and a wonderful way to soothe your heart and your grandson's. I'm glad I stopped by today.

  3. Oh yeah, this is great. I have a fountain that I love too - listening to it makes a huge difference in my mood. Thank you for sharing this snippet of your life.

  4. Fountain, soothing sounds and grandsons: sounds like an abundance of blessings!

  5. I had fountains in several of my yards and I always loved them. Miss the yards and the fountains!


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