Friday, May 3, 2013

New Friendship


Ok, so I was a little sad after last weekend's BIG little conference, (in)RL - when I didn't get to bring home a large stack of emails and phone numbers. Disappointed at best. So, this week came as a big surprise to me when I just followed through with an email from the small groups pastor.

 :) Thanks to all of you that lift me up as God leads you.... He moved in bringing out another woman who is *about my age* (I don't really know how old she is, but her kids are about the same age as my kids, and we have mutually shared places around the same years, and are only a few months off in our anniversaries) and her husband travels about as much as mine does (for work, but another industry/ministry). I got to know her because someone sent an email suggesting we invite her to our "Community Group" - and she was brave enough to come. God's so good.

As we shared a meal (sans husbands) the other night, I told her how she was such an answer to prayer... but she told me it was the other way around. I think we are both right.

So then we wondered how our husbands would hit it off, and it *just happened* that they were both in town the same night this week - so we did a double date - and they got along fine. And they are game players. And they are strong in their faith, don't have life *perfectly figured out* and are new to the area.

God did really good on this new friendship. No matter how long it lasts, how long either of us will be in this city, we can fellowship, encourage, pray for each other - for such a time as this...

Thanks God.

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