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A Jewel of a Resource (new to me!)

I've always been a fan of Stormie Omartian, and LOVED her books "The Power of a Praying Wife" and "The Power of a Praying Husband" . I still refer them to newlyweds (and soon to be newlyweds, or even to singles that WANT to be married, to pray the prayers over their yet unknown spouse).  The other day...well, maybe a week or more ago, I was at the DaySpring Outlet Store in Siloam Springs, AR (off of 412, just west of the Walmart in the shopping center...turn at the light like you're going into Walmart, but then turn LEFT into the other shopping center - only open M-F). I go there a few times a month, to spend my paycheck  to look for items that may have been returned, or to check out the monthly sales specials, or buy something I actually NEED; which was my goal on that particular day. I needed graduation cards. And wedding cards. And I thought I'd get a DayBrightener for an acquaintance that is suffering from chronic pain issues, and depression.

Fun and Games Anyone??

Our LONG-TIME friends , M and K vdL came to visit us last weekend. They were staying in Branson, a central connecting place for them with their kids, just a few hours from us. They came by our house as they were headed out of town, and we shared brunch together with them. It was so good to see them, for us all to get together! I had seen them a few days before, as I drove out to Branson, and we played games and shared a simple meal before I headed back home. We had seen them last 2 years ago, when we went to CA for a week's vacation, catching up with family and friends then. They are some of  our oldest and dearest friends. We can always pick up life RIGHT where we'd left off. We always have time for a meal together, or a game, or just a long talk. It's always good.  Since we'd just made the decision to shake up our life and expand our church horizons, it got me thinking; what makes for a good friendship relationship, how is it different from meeting a kindre

Writing on not Writing

It's been a long time since I've written anything. ANYTHING. Not working on my blog, my writing project. OK, let me rephrase, not writing anything online. I have been writing a flurry of cards to those graduating. Marrying. Grieving.  Sometimes I think writing notes that are personal and heartfelt can suck the words right out of me. Really. OH, and SPEAKING those words seems to leave my fingertips numb and empty too. Really.  Can I get an "AMEN" on that?? So, that's probably the biggest thing taking my words - a new friend that for a few weeks took every word I had. She held them near, listened intently, spoke affirming words into them and showed me where God was working, all while sharing her own story of life over these past 30 years or so (not counting many words on the first 15 more...). God working. Moving. Moving them. Around. Moving them up and down valleys and hills, deep ravines and mountain tops.  We've traveled them all, haven't we?

A Book Review... Freefall to Fly

Freefall to Fly - A breathtaking journey toward a life of meaning by Rebekah Lyons  Tyndale House Publishing, 2013 I don't know why it took me so long to read this book. I had wanted to from the first time I'd heard about it. I loved the idea of it, and thought that although it was a much younger mom writing it, I could draw deep from the well of her words. I knew it would build from a different direction than Holley Gerths' Your Already Amazing - and it did. And it built well. Where Holley's great book was more how-to, and clinical, this was approached as telling her life story, and it nearly read as a novel. It is a glimpse inside her life, from where she shares - not meant to be a diagnosis, a prescription - just sharing what God's shown her. What she's learned. It was quite good! Rebekah Lyons has a great way with words. She gives you the facts, not just the facts, but in a oh, so, sitting across the table from you way. She is a story teller -

New Friendship

WOWZA! Ok, so I was a little sad after last weekend's BIG little conference, (in)RL - when I didn't get to bring home a large stack of emails and phone numbers. Disappointed at best. So, this week came as a big surprise to me when I just followed through with an email from the small groups pastor.  :) Thanks to all of you that lift me up as God leads you.... He moved in bringing out another woman who is *about my age* (I don't really know how old she is, but her kids are about the same age as my kids, and we have mutually shared places around the same years, and are only a few months off in our anniversaries) and her husband travels about as much as mine does (for work, but another industry/ministry). I got to know her because someone sent an email suggesting we invite her to our "Community Group" - and she was brave enough to come. God's so good. As we shared a meal (sans husbands) the other night, I told her how she was such an answer to prayer... but