Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Jumping Tandem - Preparing to Jump

What do bloggers do during a break at a conference?? Get online!
Saturday started off with joy - filled memories from Friday night, and a bunch of very new BFF's around me. Enthusiasm was high, and everyone was excited.

They could have passed out pom-poms for us to use....we were each cheering each other on! 

I took away some GREAT points from Shelly Miller's talk in the morning devotion time:

  • What if self-doubt isn't supposed to be negative, but preparation for the "next BIG thing"?
  • The key is how we choose to respond - will we let fear keep us from moving forward? 
  • When Moses asked the questions (What? Who me?) God answered all of them with a question - Who made your mouth? etc (Exodus 3)
  • Comparing/comparison is lying to each of us. It's only the 1/2 of the story we see.
  • Sometimes we learn through the school of adversity.
  • God speaks. PERIOD. That's ALL we need.
  • Encourage one another.
  • Psalm 102 

I felt excited and exasperated all at once! Things were coming into place and I wasn't sure where these ideas were coming from - well, I KNOW where they were coming from - but it isn't often I find myself in that sweet spot of dreaming God-sized dreams!!

Fellow (in)courager Diane Bailey - meeting face to face is so sweet!! 
Here are some other notes I took from the day:

  • Giving birth is like birthing a dream. Birthing. Loving. Fearing. Perfect love casts out fear. 
  • Be the fearless girl. I can fly!
  • Don't let FEAR BECOME AN IDOL - don't give IT time that belongs to God!
  • We don't have to earn His love. We don't have to earn His love. We don't have to earn His love, just accept it. 
  • We tend to treat God's love like love from our parents (it's natural, it's what we know). If I'm good, He will love me...but I forget, HE doesn't see as WE see.
  • Even Jesus couldn't rely on why am I hurt/disappointed/sad when they let me down?
  • We are pregnant with possibility.
  • We are broken ambassadors of Jesus.
  • "Your guilt and inadequacy is not the most true things about you." - John Ortberg
  • Romans 12 - take life and give it to Him as an offering. Don't be comfortable. Be empty, and let HIM fill us!
  • The way we know Jesus is the most important thing! Do we know Him as well as our iphones, computer screens, or TV's?? 
  • Find the treasure in the field, and BUY IT. Grow, own, possess - Jesus. All of Him.
  • Keep in BALANCE: HAVE TO/SHOULD/WANT TO - they each have a place.
Jennifer Dukes Lee spoke that evening, and did an amazing job. Her passion for Jesus, her family, and the places He takes them was wonderful. She stood on her tippy-toes all night as she spoke. Really. Not because she couldn't reach the mic, but because she was THAT excited to share a vision for changing the world. (I want to be THAT excited!!)

Her show-stopping moment was sharing a quote from her daughter, Lydia Lee, 

 "I don't want to live an average life."

Fear is what ruins our dreams.

Well, Lydia - I don't want to either. (sigh)

Her words from John 10 were spot on, and I think I was so spell bound by her passion that I couldn't even take notes. It was THAT good. 

What we DID write, was our fears. On a rock. To be placed in a basket. Prayed over. And tossed into a lake (well, she doesn't live by an ocean). I'm grateful that we did that exercise, as it really made me look at the bigger picture, and realize I have nothing to lose. Nothing. So I'm going for it - ALL of it!! 

Do you see...
...what fear you have...
...that is stopping YOUR dream?

I can't wait for her book to come out ... I think it's due to be released in 2014!! :) 

I'm exhausted from going through, over, and re-living the moments of Saturday.... I'll have to keep you in suspense as to what Lisa-Jo Baker taught us on Sunday...and the other tasty morsels that were shared in Sunday morning's session.

For now, this is all. Read the scriptures. See how they fit into your plans for your dreams...or rather God's dreams...???

There was a LOT of good conversation going on at Jumping Tandem! 

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  1. Hi Marina! Really appreciate your perspective - I couldn't write fast enough to note the things I longed to remember. But alas, we have the experience now, together, as one, forever recorded in our hearts. So glad you reminded me of Lydia's desire to "not live an average life." It's so short, average just isn't acceptable anymore, is it? So glad we had that chat in the hallway. I long to know you and all the other women there more and more. Guess that's what will happen since we can follow one another on our blogs. What a beautiful community.



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