Monday, April 15, 2013

(in)RL is Almost Here!!

(in)RL is right around the corner, and I'm having flashbacks to last years' fun! It was the first one I was involved with, coordinating it in an area we had only lived in for a year. I had a modpodge of people attend: my adult daughter, another friend, and a complete stranger (who became a new friend!). The study guide inspired great conversation, and the teaching had us all growing closer to God and each other. I was glad we had tissues, as I think we all shed a tear or two! We all brought snacks, and had enough food to feed an army! We left with phone numbers and emails in hand, and got together in bits and pieces through the coming months, until we moved and left the area...but we are still staying in touch! 

My *new* friend also became a co-incourager with me as we started an (in)courager Community Group online last fall for parents loving on prodigal kids. We met up on Facebook, blogged, and spoke openly and honestly about what it was like to have our kids wander from God's best. When we stepped away at the end of the session, the community had grown, and 2 of our members stepped up to lead! My co-leader friend had heard clearly from God that she was to take her focus to a face to face ministry within her church (which is starting this spring!!), and I was blessed to move into another Community Group for women in different aspects of Missions. It's been SUCH a GREAT journey, all launched by that little (in)RL group last spring!! 

This year, I'm in a completely new place! Different city, different church, not a child nearby :(  Still, I just HAD to sign up and host an (in)RL event! (If I didn't host one, I'd have to go to one - and THAT seemed scarier! Lol!) As it is, there are around TEN women attending our (in)RL event, and I barely know just a few of the people signed up to it will still be an adventure, and exciting to get to go deeper with these women. I don't doubt that we will laugh, cry, and have a fun time with each other, and be best of friends when it's all said and done. I'll bring cupcakes, and other yummy things to snack on through the day. I KNOW it will be the highlight of my spring!! 

I'm still longing for "grown up" girlfriends - but He's been teaching me about all of that lately. God's blessed me with a crazy number of young ladies to mentor and pray with (and for!), and I trust that (in)RL will be another piece of that puzzle. If I get another dozen girlfriends young enough to be my daughter .... well, then I suppose that's what God has for me to be blessed with!! :)

I'm not going to close my heart (or my front door) to girlfriends of ANY age! :) I've always felt like my family was never quite "complete" - so perhaps He is "filling my quiver" with daughters of the heart.

(The wonderful thing about that is that we don't pay for college or weddings.... ;) )

Have YOU signed up for an (in)RL near you? If you are in the Fayetteville, AR area - join in with us at the GO Center (Global Outfitters) on College. If you live in Henderson, KY or Evansville, IN area, join in with my friends at Jennifer's house! Either way, you can the location closest to you here . If you still aren't sure if it's for you, then check out more information here. And if you just KNOW that you want to get registered, then RSVP here for FREE!!

You'll not regret the wonderful teaching you'll hear, and I promise you'll be inspired and encouraged in your daily walk with God, and your relationships with other women, no matter what your age or stage of life is! I hope you'll join in on our (in)courage Community too!!

Hoping to see you "there"!

All grace and peace...

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