Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Global Prayercast Post...Praying for the Unreached

Last night I was blessed to get to be a part of the first ever Global Prayercast through Unleashed 4 The Unreached, a group that helps facilitate prayer for "unreached" people groups (UPG) as identified through the Joshua Project. 

An UPG is a people group with less than 2% of the people having any knowledge of who Jesus is. They may follow other ethnic religions, traditional rituals, or not have given any thought to "if there is a God" and who He is. You can find out more on UPG's at Joshua Projects web site.

Several years ago, an idea was born to take all of Joshua Projects' research and put it into a visual display, and the Wall of Unreached People was born. It has been on display around the world ever since! You can see snapshots of the Wall and it's effectiveness, and see how you can get it to YOUR church, by looking at the U4theU website. 

I've been blessed to get to volunteer at the Wall several times now. I LOVE how people respond to seeing ALL THOSE NAMES listed alphabetically - countries, people groups, then the visual impacts them. I love seeing how they determine who to pray for, and their history with that group. I LOVE sharing how they can become a catalyst to reach those see the hope that they can play a very REAL part in bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them....that perhaps they themselves will be the one that shares the story of Jesus with people there...wherever "there" might be.

So, at the church down the road about 20 miles, where they had decided already to set up everything tech to participate in the Global Prayercast, I got to bring my own list of countries that our church has sent people to. I didn't want to jeopardize their safety - but felt led to pray for the people that lived there, the nationals. So, as "pray-er #21, this is what I prayed:

Lord Jesus, we continue in prayer, asking for You to open doors for Your Gospel to be shared in Albania, Bethlehem and Brazil.
That You would raise up numerous new believers in Cambodia, China and Ethiopia.
That Your message will be honored in Guatemala, Haiti, Hong Kong, and ALL of India.
That opposition to the Gospel of Jesus Christ would be removed in Jordan, Mali, South Africa and Thailand.
Lord, let people believe, and enter into relationships with You and Your church in Russia, South Africa and UAE. 
And for all Your workers around the globe, may they be supported well - with our prayers, our finances, our time - as we care for them the way You do. May You raise up new workers to bring the Gospel to new places, and may they all - may WE all - stand firm in Your will, be kept safe from Spiritual attacks, fear, and discouragement... In Jesus' Name...Amen...

Today I found myself praying these things over and over. The words are etched in my heart. I might pray differently - moving different requests to different countries - but the basics are there...spiritual warfare, advancing of the gospel, hearts to be prepared, and workers to go with gladness.

Won't you engage in praying for the global workers YOU know? Find ONE people group that is currently unreached and pray for their hearts to be prepared? Learn about them and become a catalyst to bring the Gospel there??

I pray you will.

These are Good Things To Pray For, on behalf of people you know working in different Mission Fields...

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