Friday, March 22, 2013

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This week's topic is REMEMBER.


It's Easter and I don't see the Easter Lilies around. The small chapel we meet in isn't overcome with the smell (nearly gagging me). We don't meet there at all. There's no plans to get signed up to serve in the HUGE civic auditorium. We don't go to that church now either. We're a days' drive from there actually. But although it's home in so many ways, it's not where i'll be.

Actually. I don't know where home is anymore. I remember the faces, kind words, areas of ministry i can help in. I remember the work that needs to be done. Caring for those in prayer here. There. Around the world. My inbox is filled with their newsletters of how God is using them. I'm in awe.

I remember the elements. Passed each church a different way, served differently according to convenience, to tradition, to what made sense. I remember the different ways it was presented - after the hymns, with a devotion to turn our hearts, or at the end of the service - sort of to seal the deal of the pastor's words. I remember pre-fab cups with wafer above. I remember breaking of the loaf and dipping in the cup. I remember passing of the plates, or now getting up from my seat and going to the side of the room to pray and partake together with others.

Each way, yet the elements is the reminder - or should it be?? Shouldn't I remember these things daily?, this consumable love, this amazing grace, this never ending forgiveness?? I can. I do. But not often enough do I remember that these things are also offered my husband, my family member, my neighbor. He's done for me nothing more than he's done for them. He does for every person, whether they admit it or not - what He's done for me. My friend. My enemy. And I need to remember that HIS forgiveness of me is good cause for ME to forgive them...whoever them...STOP

OOO....I could go on...But I won't. Maybe another day.
if i remember...

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