Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Giving credit, where credit is due...

Today I read two phenomenal articles. I had nothing to do with either of them, but feel compelled to pass these two resources on...especially since my brain is semi fried, having my daughter and 5 grandkids arrive today! All 5 kids are 5 and under! :)

So, I'll start with the last one first, simply because I have the URL saved right now and I'll have to search for the other one.

This one was written for ex-pats...people living in other parts of the world. Her information was lived out first hand, and I think it would be good to print it off and hand out in any training manual for workers going overseas. Anywhere. You can read her blog post here:

This second post is a little deeper, but OH SO NECESSARY to have out there circulating. It's an article from Relevant magazine, focusing on 5 simple steps (in theory) to help end human trafficking. I hope you' ll take the time to read it, then do something to make a difference!

You can find that article here:

I promise, the article is not morbid, not gross, but truthfully disturbing. We (yes you and I) CAN make an impact!

Well, my grandkids are in town with my daughter for a few weeks, so I plan on loving them as much as I can, and making lots of memories.

I pray you'll take time to read these other authors words, and be inspired and encouraged to change the world!

Grace and peace!

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