Monday, March 18, 2013

Busy. Busy. Busy.

Boy! Did I mention how busy it's been??

My dd and 5 grandkids (the oldest is 5 1/2, the youngest just 3 months, and no twins!!) have been visiting. It's odd in a sense, as they had lived with us for about 5 months last year, so when they are here it's more like "doing life" and less like "having visitors". I am going to try (hard) to be BRAVE and do something fun with all of them tomorrow. I hope the weather cooperates.

My DH is home for the next few weeks - such a nice surprise - and I'm hoping we can catch up on a date night between now and then. We're also praying about what to do over Easter Weekend...still a few weeks away, but I think we need to do something - either here at home, or away...maybe visit my other dd and her family...or??? I'm not sure. Guess I need to check to see if our ds and fiance are planning on coming here. That would be good to know. :)

I'm working my part-time/temp job, and loving it! It's easier for me to get more done when I go into the office, and it's good for me to learn to do everything on each computer (desk top pc and laptop that I have at home). Social media's the main game, and on certain days I am putting the components together and  posting a blog (Roy Lessin's at Meet Me In The Meadow) and also posting on FB, Twitter, Instagram, name it...for DaySpring and Roy's ministry. It's fun! I'm learning so much, and really bringing my skills up to speed. Well. Maybe NOT up to speed, but I'm learning!! Not bad for this over 50 year old. So do me a favor and go to the sites and sign up and then go to all the social media sites you belong to and "like" them there. :)  I'd love to see that me being there has a good influence on their numbers...(I get to help keep track of those too!).

I'm still surprised at how many folks my age don't do anything on the computer. Nothing. I'm not sure I could survive that way...but then again, I would get a lot of reading and quilting done. Those 2 things I'm SO behind on. Yipes. I'll catch up when the grandkids are all gone back to their home.

For now I'll fill my days with holding babies, playing with toddlers, chasing after kids. I'll love every moment of it.

I'll fill my nights with catching up on work, visiting with my DH and getting laundry done. A. Bit. At. A. Time.

And this blog...well, it's just going to have to take a back seat for a bit...and I'll sneak in here every now and again.

God's been teaching me a lot about being BRAVE, with the kids and with other things too. One night the neighbor's cat jumped up on our fence by my bedroom window - thankfully DH was home and he investigated the noise. If I were home alone, I'm afraid I'd freak. :(

I was BRAVE and worked all day Saturday in the garden up front, working on breaking up ground with a hand tiller (one of those one's that look like a pitch-fork bent out of whack, and you shove it in the ground and wiggle it all around to break up the dirt). It worked well! It worked ME over!! I was sore for a few days, and probably got too much sun and heat, but it got done! Then a few of the grands helped plant some seeds, and some Lilly of the Valley rhizomes.

Funny thing about those Lilly of the the package, GD1 took the pick of them and said she was going to plant them. GD2 took a seed pack of sweet alyssum, much smaller - but she was able to sprinkle her seeds all around. :)  GD1 thought that those Lilly of the Valleys looked too much like worms to handle. :) She didn't want to touch them. :(  Oh no. It was a hard lesson for her to learn, and I still couldn't convince her that they were not worms. (And earlier we were just talking about how good worms were for the garden! Go figure!!). I was BRAVE and put the little wormy Lily of the Valleys in the ground...just along the front of the walkway, near the front door. I have another pack to put in, but I thought I'd wait to see if the weather stays above freezing....still a few weeks until it's officially spring...and I'm not THAT brave!! OK - maybe I'm THAT BRAVE, but I'm NOT that rich! LOL

SO, it got cold again, the warm spell over - Spring can be such a teaser!! Now it was barely 50 today, after we had nearly 80 just two days ago. The day of rain between helped ease the pain, but I sure hope we don't hit freezing. I didn't plant too much, so am not really worried about that (and it's up close to the house, so I doubt it would be affected), but it's just the back and forth of it all. I don't have room for winter and summer clothes all at one time!!

Well, I'd better get to bed. Get some sleep. Sigh. Thanks for following me on this journey called life. :) Have a GREAT day...

OH- I'm not writing from my kitchen table!! I'm using the dining room table this week, while the little hands take over the kitchen table and the countertop!! ; )

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