Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Here I am Lord...Send me...

I feel so behind!! I'm realizing that I've not posted on my notes from The Christ Institute, or even last Sunday's amazing sermon...oh I'm SO behind!!

But in THIS MOMENT I am so blessed. TOO blessed to not put it into words.


As those words swept across my mind from my heart, I was driving the hilly road between my house and Siloam Springs. I was talking to a best friend on the phone, praising God for what He was doing in BOTH of our lives. SMILING from the inside out.

I've been going through Holley Gerth's books over the past year - reading them, leading other study groups through them, doing them online....and I always get hung up in the chapters where we are supposed to set goals. Make plans. Dream God -sized Dreams. I freeze in my footsteps.

But not today. Today I danced around the dream fulfilled. The dream God put in my heart and I didn't even know it was there. Oh, maybe I knew it in a childlike whisper - like wanting to marry a prince - or live on a tropical island (or be tall and thin). ;) 

I didn't know God would use me this way. Oh, it's only a temp job, and it's only part time, but it's OH so SWEET. And these people!! They ROCK for Jesus!! They do GREAT things on behalf of His kingdom. And they have lived lives that inspire others to live their lives for Jesus. And today we met, and prayed, and they prayed blessings over me. 

I'm humbled.

Not only am I so excited to learn and do what this job requires of me, but I'm excited because I got to meet people that share the same burden that I have for Missionary Care. That was sort of the frosting on the cup- cake. 

OH, and I met a man that knows a man that I met over a year ago in a far away land. The great BIG universe seemed very small while we spoke of God's work around the globe. It's a small world after all. 

So I feel a little giddy....oh, ok - a LOT giddy - over the amazing things that God wants to do through me; changing me all the while. I'm willing Lord. Send me. Even if it's just sending me around the corner, past the lake, and through the holler. I'm willing. Send me. 

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  1. So happy for you! God is so good!

    I was sure that your post would be about the Hello Mornings bible study Abounding Hope. That verse in Isaiah was our topic of study this morning. :)


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