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Giving Birth...For all the Women in Missions...

If you know me at all, you know that my heart beats for Missionary Care (also known as Member Care, or Global Worker Care, or even Caring for Parents of Missionaries...). 

Now, I admit - I used the "Giving Birth" bit to catch your attention! I'm NOT in labor to have another child...but rather going through the birthing pains to "birth" a new ministry with (in)courage  -  the online Women's Ministry of DaySpring (yep, the greeting card company!). 

Last summer I was asked to participate in starting online Community Groups, and I've loved co-leading a group online, on Facebook, and Twitter, for "{relatively} empty nesting" - empty nesters that faced difficulties - aging parents, troubled "prodigal" kids, and boomerang kids (they keep moving home). God was REALLY good in giving us some great members, and 2 of them have stepped up to the plate to take that group over, freeing me up to co-lead something new...something a little closer to my heart.

So, Tuesday, 2/12/2013, we launch "in.courage global workers" on Facebook as a group (and soon made private).

Photo Credit: Kameesha Williams 

I'm co-leading with Jessica Rodenbaugh a wonderful young mom, who brings a lot to the table that I can't - namely, she's lived on the field, gone through a difficult departure to return back to the states, dealt with a frantic, emotional, somewhat crazy mom (that would be me!!) and is continuing to grow in faith, and in ministry, as she and her husband continue to work in various roles with a sending organization, until they go somewhere new....when God opens that door. 

SO, if you are a WOMAN (sorry guys!!) and involved in missions as a global worker, former global worker, mother or sister of a worker, or work in the area of missionary care - please join us in Facebook and join in on the conversation, encouragement, and prayer! You can find out more by going to and linking up through their direct link to Facebook, or you can go to the in.courage global care site directly.  

IF you don't fit any of our areas of missionary care, feel free to go to the (in)courage site and check out the other community groups! Perhaps one of them will fit you better, and you'll be blessed (and a blessing) to others in your age/stage in life!! (The links won't be up till Tuesday, and you might need to scroll back, if you're not reading this on Tuesday!!). Don't dilly-dally though, as with any good thing, there's a limit to the number of people that are allowed to join each group! 

Blessings to you as you pray about which group/s to join in with!! 


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