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Monday, Monday, Monday...

Most folks hate Monday - they don't like that their weekend is over with, that they have to return back to the "drudgery" of their Monday through Friday week, and whatever normalcy it contains. 

I'll let you in on a little secret...I LOVE Mondays!! 

Mondays mean that the mod-podge of the weekend is through. I'm getting back to my schedule and although it doesn't look the same from week to week, I know that there are elements that will be the same. 

It wasn't always this way...I used to LIVE for the weekends! When our son was in high school he played a bunch of sports, and I hated the late night traveling games and all the rushing around that happened. It seemed that the weekend was the only time I had routine - I could stay home! Now Mark travels some weekdays, and I'm home most days most of the time. I LOVE my quiet time with God in my mostly empty house, the ability to walk inside or outside, playing with the dog, quilting, reading and writing. I love the routine of my neighborhood, garage doors opening up all down the street, and people driving in each weeknight. I love my calendar, with meetings set in place, and free time to schedule meeting with other women for prayer and encouragement. I loved having my son and his fiancĂ© over today, left over visit from the weekend, and getting to drive all over NW AR with her as we did a little shopping and errands....on Monday! It would have been a crowded mess to have done all that on a weekend - that's when everyone else shops!! 

The rest of the week is actually busier than normal for me this week - but it's ok. I'll take sanctuary every free moment of each day at home, dreaming of spring's growing season, enjoying the warmth of candles burning on the hearth, good smells coming from the kitchen....

Do YOU have a favorite day of the week? Do you live for the weekends? Tell me about it in comments!

Although I LOVE Mondays...I do miss my grandkids!! We had such a good visit with them!! 


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