Monday, January 14, 2013

(in)courage goes (in)RL!!

About a year ago, I was sitting at my kitchen table in Henderson, KY when I learned about the (in)RL conferences. I knew that I wanted to be a part of something bigger with (in)courage, and go deeper with what they had been feeding in me, but I didn't know what (in)RL was I checked out the page for registration, got BRAVE (ooo...God was planting a BRAVE seed then!) and registered - to HOST a (in)RL "Beach Party" at our church in Newburgh, IN.

It was a SMALL BUT POWERFUL event. We had a TON of food, and joyful hearts, and I walked away from the day sharing my heart, deepening a few friendships as they shared theirs, and making a NEW friend!! WHAT MORE COULD I ASK FOR!

So now, in this space, at my kitchen table in Fayetteville, I'm signed up to host another (in)RL THIS YEAR!! I have NO expectations - besides the start of a new journey - a few new friends - and getting deeper with God (and each other!).

YOU can do the same!!

If YOU are in the NW Arkansas area (or want to be here that weekend!!) then sign up HERE to be a part of (in)RL - (which stands for  IN REAL LIFE - where we come FACE TO FACE, heart to heart!!). When you get to the part that says REGISTER....then do just that... and REGISTER - for the Fayetteville one that will meet at the GO Center (next to the Fayetteville Prayer Room).

IF YOU are NOT in the NW Arkansas area - YOU will still go HERE to sign up - but choose a location close to YOU, or register as a host!!

IT'S FREE to register!! And I'm sure that there will be goodies for us to personalize our parties/conferences, and I KNOW that God will be honored (and blessed) to see us reach outside of our selves to DO something to (in)courage each other!!

I'm beginning to PRAY for these women that God will bring to my (in)RL meet up....that He will begin to tear down the boundaries in our hearts now, to begin engaging IN REAL LIFE now, that others will be BRAVE.

I know He's not going to disappoint!

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