Friday, January 4, 2013

Five Minute Friday - Opportunity!

This is the first Friday in 2013 - and I want to start off right with blogging more "regularly" - including joining in with Lisa-Jo Baker on Five Minute Fridays! You don't correct, don't over think, just write - and each week it's a different topic! There's a group of gals that link up on Thursday night on Twitter for a #FMFParty, where they throw things around faster than an Italian woman in the kitchen! I like to participate, but truth is, I can't keep up with them!!

BUT today - FRIDAY - I am starting off on the right foot and setting my timer for 5 minutes, and will write solid on the topic of "Opportunity"....

Start -

Some days I think of all the things I want, or need to accomplish - but truth is - I have the opportunity to have a "pj day" and I'll take that over busy-ness any day!

I love these days. Frigid, bitter cold outside. Sunny today, warm light streaming in through my southern exposure kitchen windows. I had the opportunity to hang out at home all morning. Warmed my toes on the warm tiles in the kitchen. Love it!

There's something comfortable being able to stay home in pj's all day; I can't even put a finger on it. I love the homy-ness of it. Warm the kitchen by baking something. Light the candles on the fireplace hearth. Cozy up in the BIG chair and curl up. I could have read a book, but I didn't. I read on my iPad, my phone, but not on the computer or by book. It would have taken too much energy. I worked on my quilt project for Obadiah, and sat in that chair. Mark never should have brought it into the living room. It will be the death of me!

I had the opportunity to just relax today, just to enjoy the quietness of the day...(stop)


  1. Reading this post made me smile...I love a pajama day, too! My favorite kind comes with slippers, a cup of coffee, and reading books with my girl while we snuggle on the couch. :) Thank you for your words! Blessings to you...have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks for your comment! I hope you had a great weekend too! I'm ready for another pj day, but don't see one happening any time soon... :(


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