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Five Minute Friday - Cherished


Lisa-Jo Baker always does this on Friday. She keeps us up late with her twitter party on Thursday night, making us wait till midnight to hear her one word topic for Five Minute Friday - then she springs us with it - and expects us to write. 

Well not me. Not THIS month. I'm in classes on Thursday nights, and that means dinner at 9:30, when I'm back home and standing in the kitchen with DH as he's just come in from his out of town for work trip (HA - side note: seriously, he JUST walked in the door - unexpectedly - from his morning meetings and off to another place, and brought me Chicken Mini's from Chic-Fil-A for breakfast!! isn't he the BEST?!). January late nights and no hubby means that Thursday nights HE gets my attention (Sorry ladies!!). So I don't stay up, trying to keep up on Twitter, I just wait till I open email on Friday morning and get my prompt delightfully delivered to my inbox. :) (YOU CAN TOO!!)

So THIS week, the topic is "Cherished". 

I'm setting my timer (and taking another bite of that honey sweetened chicken nugget filled breakfast roll)


My husband cherishes me. It's true! He has always made a point to tell me how much he does, and it's not just because he knows I need to know that, but because he believes (with all his heart) that I'm a daughter of a King, and that HE would want me to be. 

SO he treats me the way he thinks that HE would treat me, Cherished.

I have a favorite silver necklace (I'll post a pic soon) and it has 4 sides to this trendy bar charm - "Created, Cherished, Chosen, Celebrated " and I LOVE it. I wore it ALL the time when I first got it, and wear it often IF I'm wearing jewelry. It reminds me of how God feels about me. I am ALL of these things in His eyes, and I need reminding. The world doesn't do so well as valuing me, or any of us, but He does!! YAY!!

The scriptures are so good at telling us how His heart is towards us. I wish we had a Bible that was highlighted - not in red letter words of Jesus, but in the words of how God feels about us. How much He loves us. How HE cherishes each of us! Hmmm...might have to make that a goal next time I do a Bible in a year reading program ... use my own high lighter, and then share that Bible when I'm done - give it to someone else that is CHERISHED...



This beautiful sterling silver necklace features a pendant with the engraved words created, chosen, celebrated, and cherished.
or in rhodium:

Now, what to do with this sticky keyboard...   ; ) 


  1. Love love love this :) I have that same necklace, and I think I'd write Friday mornings as well - those FMFParty late night girls amaze me. Love to you this Friday


  2. Beautiful post - this is my first Five Minute Friday. Thank you for sharing!

  3. What a gift - to have a hubby who knows your worth - not only in his eyes, but in the Lord's as well! I am blessed with one of those as well! I am fairly new to FMF and the Twitter parties (which I too missed out on last night!) but I am honored to be 'parked' next to you over at Lisa Jo's! Great post!

  4. This brings tears to my eyes. All of these cherished posts have been having the same effect. The reasons are twofold.

    It is a painful reminder of how much I miss my husband. I miss being cherished in person. But it is also a reminder of how much my Father in heaven loves me. Tears of pain and joy all tangled up.

    This is a beautiful post.


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