Thursday, January 17, 2013

An Open Prayer...1

I love prayer, and praying, and seeing answered prayers. I used to journal prayers, but lately my right hand has had some arthritis in it, and writing with a pen/paper is harder can be painful - or bring on pain.

This morning, in my quiet, I wanted to pray with someone. Mark's out of town till later today (work), and well, God prompted my heart to just write my prayer - I think this is where He wants me to put it.

As you read it, I pray that you'll pray it - intercessory style - for me. I don't always pray like this for me, but am feeling a little overwhelmed...not doubting...I know that He is moving in great ways, and making me BRAVE - which has been my prayer for the year - but I just need to have others come alongside me in prayer partner fashion and pray for me.

Here goes. (thanks to you who read past are true knee warriors!)

Oh God, You are so strong, so mighty. I am not. I love that David calls You his place of refuge, and a strong tower, and that we can run to Lord, I run. I hide in your wings. I rest in your high tower. I feel You here. Praise You.

God, please heal me. Heal my doubt, my fears. Remove them, in Jesus' name, cast them far from me! Take my right eye that is swollen right now - and heal it - I don't know if it's a pimple, or a sty, or?? but I know that there was no evidence of it on Monday when I was at the eye doctors', and then after wearing contacts all day Tuesday, I woke up with it on Wednesday, and it's worse today - so give me wisdom, should I call the eye dr today? Does she need to see this? Can you just heal it please?

Lord, please heal my other physical pain. Please motivate me to desire to lose weight, as I'm sure some of my body pain is from these extra pounds, and I don't want to go down that path. I want to be healthy, and active and lean(er) than I am. I don't want to be skinny or run marathons, but I want to be able to walk miles and I know that boredom is my major hinderance. So as I walk, whether on treadmill or outside, please give me a heart that can see you at work then. Let me use that time to come to you, to commune with you, and to keep going. Change my nature - to want to challenge myself in doing this, in accomplishing this, instead of not caring. Don't let me give in to laziness, or tiredness, or weariness - as real as those feelings are in me. Change my character, and make me a little competitive. Make me care enough to do something about it. Change my cravings, my cooking habits, my food addictions. Heal me. Heal my fear of being thin and the emotional baggage that goes with that too. I know it's there, and you know my history, so help me to have the right motivations to allow my body to be healthy to honor you with my best.

Please heal my hives...not just to have them relieved with these drugs (and thank you for them, they seem to be working well and leave me only mildly foggy brained each morning). Give the doctors wisdom as he/they review my history and these recent blood them see clearly how to address the next steps, and solve this mystery. I know that you can touch me and heal me of all my infirmaries at any time...please? would you heal me?? now?.

Father, please sort my days. Heal my brain to remember things instead of relying on my calendar, and help me to look enthusiastically into each use each one for You. I pray that you'll set priorities in each part of my day, no matter what I'm working on, or what area needs attention - let me see and sense Your Holy Spirit guiding me.

I pray that you'll help me to write this guide that You have prompted my heart to write. Lord, I've never done this - so make me to know what steps to take, how to accomplish this in a timely manner. To get it done, with the words that You pour through me. Let them be YOUR words, conveying to your church why and how to take care of those that You love.

Father, thank you for the opportunities you give me. Thank you for the group of folks at Global Outfitters, and their hearts for seeing the lost come to you around the globe. I pray that You define the roll you want me to play there, and how I can help equip and encourage the others to do what you desire them to do. I pray for good working relationships, and for Your blessings upon the work of our hands there. Thank you for bringing every good thing to happen in the offices there, the work that's done to get them completed. You are so good to bless us with that space. thank you.

Father I ask for good relationships. Thank you for Mark, and his work and his mind and his physical strength. Heal his body from pain too. Give him wisdom to not push any more than he has to, to allow his knees to survive as long as you would allow them to. I pray that you will help him in the areas that you desire to improve him too. Thank you for such a wonderful husband...please bring him home safely and help him to continue to work for you, to give you the best part of each day. Equip him to be a "missionary in a chicken plant" no matter where you have him at. Deepen his friendships at work, and allow them to be inspiring - pointing to you - and leading others closer to you. Help him to have boldness in new ways, and open doors for him to evangelize, to be your hands and feet, but also your voice.

Help both of us as we affect and impress and bring your presence into this young Iraqi family. I pray that Satan would be bound and cast away from their home, and that You will take a firm place, providing an Arabic Bible for them, and to deepen their desire to know you. I pray you'll remove fear, and boundaries, and that he'll have boldness to ask questions. I pray that you'll bring answers to me, to Mark and to bring others into their lives that can explain the answers to their questions. Cross the language barrier, and make them to understand things that are not known to them. Give them dreams and visions of Jesus as God's son, and that they'll understand that you are a God of love and compassion, although you are just and deserve all of our being - that you are holy - and we are not, yet you provided the only Lamb who was slain. Father pour your Holy Spirit on them to understand beyond language, how you love them and desire relationship with them. Find a place for them, if not at our church then where you want them to be to grow and be nurtured. Bless our friendship, and help us to be used to draw them to you.

Father, God, please bring together a small group of people for us to meet with weekly - on Sunday afternoons/evenings, and give us wisdom who want there. Impress on their hearts to sign up and come. Bring someone to do worship, and balance out the group that it would be a mix of your body. You know what the future holds, so let us have people that we can bless, and those that will bless us...those that will sharpen our iron with their iron, and build deeper relationships and friendships with. People to do life with.

I pray for the work with DaySpring, that your hand will continue to show itself there. I pray for wisdom  as I have to learn new things, that I will be capable to remember everything. Please sort our my computer issues, and allow things to work smoothly as I add software and master the use of new programs. I pray for good relationships, that the women I meet will have open hearts and that I can be a willing student. I pray for fellowship there, expecting you to fill the gap where I desire deeper friendships with stronger women who will challenge me and draw me deeper to You. Help me Lord.

Father, I pray that you'll help me to use my time with you daily with diligence and intentionality. Help me to be sensitive to the prompting of your Holy Spirit. Help me to be more committed to do what you say to do, go where you say to go, move when you say move...write when you say give my all. Help me to live to my full potential. Impress on other's hearts to pray for me as you lead them to. Make my heart soft, willing to be changed by you, and change me!! Heart, soul, spirit, body - change me all!!

Lord, there are so many other things that need prayer right now - but have to be private - so I move that way to commune with you. Thank you for being here with me always. Thank you for your promises, your prompts, your examples. Shine brightly through me, through Mark. Continue to refine us. Use us as You see fit. Equip us to serve you with our all. We love you. I love you. Let these things be so, in Jesus name...amen...

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