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On a whim...

I never cease to be amazed at how God works.  NEVER. Just earlier today, I'd commented in our Global Leadership meeting, how I love how God is refining my focus. Taking me from a BIG picture to a  smaller one . More specific. Something even - dare I say -   tender, that I hold close to my heart.   This area, that tender space, is  beating for women in missions.  Single women who go  on the mission field alone. Married women who go  with their husband, maybe with their child/ren. Women who grow  through the season of watching their child grow with a passion for missions, and "send" them. Women who have a heart  for missionary, member, or global worker care. As I'm cleaning my kitchen, making some late lunch/dinner (what IS that...?? .... LINNER?? DUNCH??) as I'm thinking about all I have to get done before hubby hits the door , and the wonderful things on my calendar over the next few days/weeks , out of the blue...on a WHIM...and epiphany of

Sunday on Prayer

Notice my little, red, Razorback purse on the floor there? :)  Oh goodness. Church is usually good, but this morning it was extra-good! I love it when God moves like He did today. SO much good stuff takes place at the Fayetteville Prayer Room!  I had to go early (well, I SHOULD have gone early, I THOUGHT I was early), but I was "just on time" for the first service to start. I was scheduled to work a table for "Seek God For the City 2013," which our church joins in with the Fayetteville Prayer Room to facilitate over the Lenten Season. Good stuff.  Praise God for the family that put this huge board together, with all the little tabs to pull off!! Based on the 1-1-12 Prayer module, it will allow us to keep track and have someone praying 24/7 during our 40 days of prayer! I knew that Lee was teaching on PRAYER today as a continuing subject in the series on "The Basics" - sort of the series on the core of what we believe, as a church, as a p

A New Perspective on BRAVE

I just finished reading, and commenting, on a guest blog over at Simple Mom, by KatieC. My reply was this: " My acts of bravery have not been so monumental; but none the less huge in my scale of life. Most of them involve life situations, owning up to poor choices, confessing and repenting and accepting the consequences; or keeping my FAITH front and center while facing the questions of “what if?” – “what if my child takes another step away from God?”, “what if my daughter/SIL are “caught” evangelizing?”, “what if it’s cancer?”. My one word this year is “BRAVE”, and it really scared me to think what He might bring me through to learn it. Your blog has shown me it may not be the BRAVE of the future I need to come through, but the BRAVE of the past I need to recognize. To celebrate. I honestly never perceived those as moments of bravery…" I can't believe now, how much BRAVE I've had to face in my life- I've just never thought of the circumstances as warran

Five Minute Friday - Cherished

Lisa-Jo Baker always does this on Friday. She keeps us up late with her twitter party on Thursday night, making us wait till midnight to hear her one word topic for Five Minute Friday - then she springs us with it - and expects us to write.  Well not me. Not THIS month. I'm in classes on Thursday nights, and that means dinner at 9:30, when I'm back home and standing in the kitchen with DH as he's just come in from his out of town for work trip (HA - side note: seriously, he JUST walked in the door - unexpectedly - from his morning meetings and off to another place, and brought me Chicken Mini's from Chic-Fil-A for breakfast!! isn't he the BEST?!). January late nights and no hubby means that Thursday nights HE gets my attention (Sorry ladies!!). So I don't stay up, trying to keep up on Twitter, I just wait till I open email on Friday morning and get my prompt delightfully delivered to my inbox. :) (YOU CAN TOO!!) So THIS week, the top

An Open Prayer...1

I love prayer, and praying, and seeing answered prayers. I used to journal prayers, but lately my right hand has had some arthritis in it, and writing with a pen/paper is harder can be painful - or bring on pain. This morning, in my quiet, I wanted to pray with someone. Mark's out of town till later today (work), and well, God prompted my heart to just write my prayer - I think this is where He wants me to put it. As you read it, I pray that you'll pray it - intercessory style - for me. I don't always pray like this for me, but am feeling a little overwhelmed...not doubting...I know that He is moving in great ways, and making me BRAVE - which has been my prayer for the year - but I just need to have others come alongside me in prayer partner fashion and pray for me. Here goes. (thanks to you who read past are true knee warriors!) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Oh God, You are so strong, so mighty. I am not. I love that David calls You his place of refuge, and a

(in)courage goes (in)RL!!

About a year ago, I was sitting at my kitchen table in Henderson, KY when I learned about the (in)RL conferences. I knew that I wanted to be a part of something bigger with (in)courage , and go deeper with what they had been feeding in me, but I didn't know what (in)RL was I checked out the page for registration , got BRAVE (ooo...God was planting a BRAVE seed then!) and registered - to HOST a (in)RL "Beach Party" at our church in Newburgh, IN. It was a SMALL BUT POWERFUL event. We had a TON of food, and joyful hearts, and I walked away from the day sharing my heart, deepening a few friendships as they shared theirs, and making a NEW friend!! WHAT MORE COULD I ASK FOR! So now, in this space, at my kitchen table in Fayetteville, I'm signed up to host another (in)RL THIS YEAR!! I have NO expectations - besides the start of a new journey - a few new friends - and getting deeper with God (and each other!). YOU can do the same!! If YOU are in the NW Ark

Five Minute Friday - DIVE!

This week the topic is DIVE over at Lisa-Jo Baker's Five Minute Friday.    Like she says: "So, set your timer, clear your head, for five minutes of free writing without worrying about getting it right. 1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking. 2. Link back here and invite others to join in. 3. And then absolutely, no ifs, ands or buts about it, you need to visit the person who linked up before you & encourage them in their comments. Seriously. That is, like, the rule. And the fun. And the heart of this community.."  Here's MY best on "DIVE"-   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -GO- I think of the greasy spoons of my youth, places, holes in a wall restaurants that my dad would call a "dive" but they'd have the BEST of something...BEST patty melts, BEST french dip sandwiches...BEST SOMETHING! But now I think of "DIVING IN" to something! This word of my year - BRAVE -

The Terrible Tues...(Tuesday...LOL)

Tuesdays are generally my first "busy" day of a week. I have things on my calendar that I enjoy doing, one of them going to the Global meeting at "the warehouse" (a part of our church) and hearing what God is doing all around the world. If I am able to, I like to go early for the staff lunch, and fellowship with the other folks there that I'm getting to know...and today I was able to do just that! It made for a fun lunch date of sorts, but as I tweeted earlier in the day - JUST before the lunch, I found out that not only are there TESTS in the Master Gardener class, but HOMEWORK too. UGH. I have a horrible memory, and test terrible, no matter how well I know the material. I think it's still a part of the PTSD that comes out of the closet and my brain freaks out just thinking of taking a test. Homework, I'm just too busy for, and although it's a tool to measure how much I'm retaining, it makes me feel judged (really). I freak out, and feel like a

God-sized Dreams?

Since I started reading Holley Gerths' blogging and books a while back (a year? more??) she expanded my vocabulary to include the phrase "God-sized Dream" what am I supposed to do with THAT?! I didn't grow up making plans. I didn't achieve goals. They spoke about it in the college classes I took, but those phrases, setting goals, making plans, they were what other people did. Not me. I was a roamer. A sojourner. I was always shaking dust off my feet and moving down the road (literally, I lived in beach towns in Southern CA in the 70's - think surfers.). Although there were things I hoped would happen, I don't think I ever had a GOAL. So this is all NEW spiritual territory for me!! Even when I led an amazing group of women through Holley's book, "You're Already Amazing" - we all froze at the chapter on making a goal. Seriously. OK - maybe 3 over achiever types did that assignment. Not me. :( God-sized dreams can be scary!

Monday, Monday, Monday...

Most folks hate Monday - they don't like that their weekend is over with, that they have to return back to the "drudgery" of their Monday through Friday week, and whatever normalcy it contains.  I'll let you in on a little secret...I LOVE Mondays!!  Mondays mean that the mod-podge of the weekend is through. I'm getting back to my schedule and although it doesn't look the same from week to week, I know that there are elements that will be the same.  It wasn't always this way...I used to LIVE for the weekends! When our son was in high school he played a bunch of sports, and I hated the late night traveling games and all the rushing around that happened. It seemed that the weekend was the only time I had routine - I could stay home! Now Mark travels some weekdays, and I'm home most days most of the time. I LOVE my quiet time with God in my mostly empty house, the ability to walk inside or outside, playing with the dog, quilting, reading and writing.

Five Minute Friday - Opportunity!

This is the first Friday in 2013 - and I want to start off right with blogging more "regularly" - including joining in with Lisa-Jo Baker on Five Minute Fridays ! You don't correct, don't over think, just write - and each week it's a different topic! There's a group of gals that link up on Thursday night on Twitter for a #FMFParty, where they throw things around faster than an Italian woman in the kitchen! I like to participate, but truth is, I can't keep up with them!! BUT today - FRIDAY - I am starting off on the right foot and setting my timer for 5 minutes, and will write solid on the topic of "Opportunity".... Start - Some days I think of all the things I want, or need to accomplish - but truth is - I have the opportunity to have a "pj day" and I'll take that over busy-ness any day! I love these days. Frigid, bitter cold outside. Sunny today, warm light streaming in through my southern exposure kitchen windows. I had th