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Returning to the Blog...

I last wrote after Thanksgiving, and here it is now, almost New Years'. I could write, "I wonder where the time went..." - but I know. I KNOW. I remember most days, sleepless nights, busy moments. I thought I'd be flying to Pittsburgh to visit with my oldest daughter/SIL and kids, helping them move and get ready for grandbaby #5 to arrive; but I ended up driving to Louisville, meeting SIL there at my other daughter's house, and bringing back the other 4 grands back here to Fayetteville. For 2 + weeks we played, prayed, and pounced around here. I think we went to the ChicFilA at least 4 times, and the McD's at least that many times. It was just too cold to play outside too much, and there was too much energy to keep bound inside the home. Baby brother arrived safely. Mom and dad are settled into the new house and getting used to too much quiet. The grands are at the "other grandparents house" and I'm sure having a great time. We've had c