Friday, November 23, 2012

My Post-Thanksgiving Post

How was everyone's Thanksgiving??

I appreciate the was hard for us, but not without some smiles!

Highlights of day -

  • unexpected visitors with their toddler girl.
  • FaceTime with daughter/SIL/MIL and grandson - and seeing him burst out laughing at grandpa's silliness!
  • going to Souls Harbor and bringing food donations, from us and an area business, and seeing them get incredibly blessed
  • and them not needing our help serving - so got to spend time at home alone with hubby
  • nice phone call from son and fiancĂ©, saying they will be staying with us through Christmas (and they are excited to get to do it!). 

I'm feeling my next "word for the year" developing into "CONTENTMENT" - leaning in hard on His arms and making the most of what He's put before me TODAY. Using His gifting to the fullest of opportunity. Letting go of the ordinary to hold on to the EXTRAORDINARY that He wants me to have (I'm not talking prosperity, but being available for His work instead of busying up my days for unimportant things just to have a full calendar).

God's so good. I feel His peace wash over me, even as I type this out. So blessed.... grateful for all you on this journey with me!

You give me courage!

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