Monday, November 5, 2012

A Month of Thankfulness - Day 5 - He Made Us To Be Changed

Beauty from ashes.

Clay in the Potter's hands.

He Creates us, uses us, makes us change - inside - which often changes us on the outside too.

He COULD just create us the way He wants us to be. Perfect. Holy. Followers of Him. But He doesn't. He wants us to long for Him. To be changed by His influence in our life.

Boy, He changed MY life!! (that's another post all together!) He changed me inside - and is STILL working on me! (again, another post) I hope that the evidence of those changes are being seen...I know that there are a bunch of bad habits gone by the wayside....besides getting older, I think He has matured me, and He continues to mature me spiritually too.

I am so (SO) thankful for Him changing me, making me new, and not giving up on me!

I continue to submit to His will, and anticipate that it will keep changing me more. I know I won't be "perfect" (to HIS standards) until we are face to face....and until then, I'll just keep being changed!

I think of each life as a diamond in the rough, and He keeps chipping at us to bring about the most brilliance. Of course, a diamond isn't beautiful in the takes His Light to shine in us, through us, to bring about that most amazing dazzle. The more He has chipped away, the more we are changed, the more brilliant we will shine.

Thank You God, for changing me. For making each of us TO be changed!

Dear friends...sorry for the short post. Just a bit under the weather from hearing some sad family news. I wanted to keep my personal challenge up though, but I'm keeping it short and sweet.

Please keep my extended family in prayer, as they have lost a husband, father, grandpa, and friend...

Levon, I'm so jealous at the thought that you may be dancing in heaven even now! Thank you for the joy that you brought to our lives. We didn't see you often, but you were well respected, loved, and made so many good memories with us! What a treasure we have lost here on earth!

Grace and peace... marina

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