Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Month of Thankfulness - Day 10 - A Loving Husband

I have tried to think beyond the box on the things I am thankful for, but today I have to say how thankful I am for my husband. 

I know that many women have married great men, and that we know that NONE of us is perfect in every way - we can't be until we are in His presence, but I'm so thankful for my Mark. 

He isn't perfect. Neither am I. But he IS:

A great forgiver.
A lot of fun.
Some one who loves me, no matter what.
Kind, not just to me, but to everyone.
Smart, as in intelligent.
A good sport.
Has a L O N G fuse, and never runs out of patience with me.
A really good man.
Loves God as #1 in his life.
Is faithful.

None of those are in any particular order, and I am too tired (after a great day spent with him) to write witty, long or romantic things about him....but I'm just so thankful for him!! 

Thanks God, for creating Mark for me!! 

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