Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Beginner's Bible App... REALLY!!

I have had an opportunity to preview an app for my iPad, based on the children's version of the Beginner's Bible. WOW! It's really great!

The initial pack is free, and you can purchase other sections of the Beginner's Bible app in 6 story increments for $1.99. Each section includes the Bible, broken down into popular stories, an audio version that will read it to your child, and games, coloring pages, and puzzles for them to play with on the application, based on the stories.

It is so easy to navigate, and the audio version is really appealing - not a computer sounding voice, but actual male/female voices reading slowly. It highlights each word as it is spoken/read, which will help early readers in their vocabulary. Animal sounds in the background, and movement on the picture pages adds to the fun for the little ones.

This is not deep theological Bible study, but a GREAT first story Bible for your kids and grandkids (or even for the kids you babysit!). I'd much rather see them using this app than playing silly, nonsense games.

I'm thankful that Handlebar Publishing gave me the opportunity to try out the new application, and will be receiving a copy of the Beginner's Bible for publishing my review, but really, I'm grateful to know that this is out there! Our kids enjoyed their first Beginner's Bible when they were young, and we used it in Children's Ministry for years. To see the app on iPad, I think that generations of youngsters will be engaged in meaningful and relevant ways with this great edition.

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