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Moving on along...

Monday was a personally HORRID day, but on the other side, I realize how it was all spiritual warfare and will battle memories of it with LOTS of prayer. More on that another day.

Tuesday was AMAZING!! Getting to watch and partake of an explosion of God's outpouring through the Community Group Launch through (in)courage and the community group I'm co-leading {relatively}empty nesting . I'm still reeling from the flurry of activity as we connect and fellowship through the blog site, our facebook group (same name), and twitter feed (relativelyempty - which is how we feel some days!!). I'm SO BLESSED to get to be a part of it all. :)

By the way - a side note here: If you are NOT an empty nester - not to worry - go to the (in)courage site and find yesterday's post - and find the group that will describe YOU to a "T", and sign up to join it!! It's NOT too late!! I want you to be a part of this amazing community!!

Today, it's back to everyday, with a bit of wonderful around the edges. It's starting to feel like home. When I'm out and about, and I think of going "home", it's THIS house that comes to mind...I'm not looking for my Kentucky roads (although I MISS my Kentucky friends!!). In time that will come too.

Church is better. I still don't know what the purpose is of God bringing me there, but I'm growing ok with that. I'll wait.

I met with an "assigned" mentee last night - and I'm excited to get to start building relationship with her. She's an amazing college student with a heart of passion for Jesus. I won't mention her here much, but it IS something I'm doing, putting myself out there to build a foundation for ministry and community HERE.

Today I'm going to Joplin, to meet with a team mate of one of our ministry partners, who happens to be someone that was supported through the Global Outreach program at our old church, Crossroads Christian in Newburgh, IN. I'm looking forward to the quiet time of the hour + drive, and the fellowship of a fellow believer, and hearing what God has planned for them and the future of their ministry. I'm also looking forward to seeing her kids. I miss kids in my life.  (sigh)

We are doing a few other things to build community through the church; hosting a group of girls to come and eat with us a few times a month, joining in a "Discovery" group - sort of like a new believer's class, but combined with the church history and building community...prayerfully we will all launch into a small group at the end of it's run. We are also trying to connect with one of the teaching pastors over missions...but it just hasn't worked out in the schedule.

It's ok. We've only been in the house for 10 days.

More later. Soon.
I appreciate your prayers more than you'll ever know!!
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