Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Good Things to Come

In the midst of the craziness of moving, I have some exciting news to share! 

Through the blessing of DaySpring's online women's ministry, (in)courage, the community of blogging is exploding into new territory! Although I'll keep posting my normal life blogs here at Marina's Kitchen Table, I'm also teaming up with Teresa Ahrenholtz as we create (relatively)EmptyNesting as a place to discuss and encourage those of you that are in the same season of life as us - learning ways to enrich our marriages (and balance friendships), how to “parent” without “PARENTING”, living with “boomerang kids” (they keep moving back home, for a variety of reasons), wandering adult children (spiritually and geographically), having a life after raising kids (ministry opportunities, “you” time), grand-parenting (up close and from a distance), and how to live a full and balanced life - but not ready for retirement (yet) - these are all areas of discussion we hope to share with you.  Woven through it all we want to share the wonderful GRACE that God gives us as He threads all this together with our need to deepen our relationship with Him! 

If this relates to your current (or upcoming) season in life, please join in with us! You can find us at {relatively}EmptyNesting, then sign in to follow us, and link up with us at Facebook, Twitter, and add us to a circle on Google+ so we can enjoy conversations together. 

I know it's a LOT of social media outlets, but we wanted to be sure to include all of you, and make the best use of the tools available to us! 

We don't claim to have all the answers (far from it!) but we DO commit to open, honest conversations and LOTS of prayer in this community!! We will share from our own lives genuinely, for better or worse, and hold each others' hands as we walk this journey together. I promise you, you can learn from our mistakes, and it won't cost you a thing!! 

We also value your input, and look forward to hearing your stories of trial and victory! So won't you join us? And be sure to follow Teresa and I on our "day to day" pages where we share what God is doing in us on a day to day basis. 

I'm looking forward to seeing you there!!


  1. Good for you! Very exciting. And I can see all the lessons from POMs showing up here too. I know you are going to bless and encourage a LOT of moms!

  2. YES Diane! Being a Parent of a Missionary can be an especially hard season of growth! Thanks so much for walking with me then, and I will not forget the lessons learned as we prepare to launch our other daughter (and 5 grands!) to Central America!

    God's perfect timing!
    You are ALWAYS a blessing!
    Keep writing those GREAT books! :)


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