Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Beginner's Bible App... REALLY!!

I have had an opportunity to preview an app for my iPad, based on the children's version of the Beginner's Bible. WOW! It's really great!

The initial pack is free, and you can purchase other sections of the Beginner's Bible app in 6 story increments for $1.99. Each section includes the Bible, broken down into popular stories, an audio version that will read it to your child, and games, coloring pages, and puzzles for them to play with on the application, based on the stories.

It is so easy to navigate, and the audio version is really appealing - not a computer sounding voice, but actual male/female voices reading slowly. It highlights each word as it is spoken/read, which will help early readers in their vocabulary. Animal sounds in the background, and movement on the picture pages adds to the fun for the little ones.

This is not deep theological Bible study, but a GREAT first story Bible for your kids and grandkids (or even for the kids you babysit!). I'd much rather see them using this app than playing silly, nonsense games.

I'm thankful that Handlebar Publishing gave me the opportunity to try out the new application, and will be receiving a copy of the Beginner's Bible for publishing my review, but really, I'm grateful to know that this is out there! Our kids enjoyed their first Beginner's Bible when they were young, and we used it in Children's Ministry for years. To see the app on iPad, I think that generations of youngsters will be engaged in meaningful and relevant ways with this great edition.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Seasons of WOW!!

The colors of Autumn have been amazing! 
So much if the earth is breaking out in celebration of the glory of the Lord! Vibrant reds. Yellow too bright to look at in the sunlight. Even the subtle shades of the evergreens seem to be stepping up their game. 
LOOK at what He has made me to BE. 

Our son and his fiancĂ©, in all of God's glorious fall color! 

It has started. 
The season of rest, wonder, wandering, has come to a close. Through a difficult waiting time, God's spoken, and plugged us in. Again we will carry the banner for missionary care, but this time the GO isn't Global Outreach, but Global Outfitters. I LOVE it! God's persistence in planting us at New Heights is finally "paying off" in getting to serve there. The past 2 weeks have been full of great meetings, sharing experiences, encouraging words, exciting optimism for the future. I feel as if I'm in step with Mark, and WE are in step with the Global Outfitters as they have been encouraging and sustaining their global workers (aka: missionaries) on the field. Tonight was great, in that I was introduced to the Global Coaches as a fellow worker - I get to be their biggest cheerleader!! WooHoo!! YAY!!

The people that showed up were great! Young and old, all connected to one of the workers overseas. I got to share a little about me, and encourage them by sharing a prayer resource for them to use NOW. Then I got my socks blessed off as another woman came to share about the ministry that God's given her: "1 - 1 - 12" - getting people to pray one hour a day, one day a month, for 12 months! AH-MAZING!! She's already had such amazing changes in the fields where her missionaries are utilizing this formula, ministries coming to life, spiritual strongholds broken, and those 31 prayer partners are getting to see the fruit from their prayers!! I LOVE it!! How beautiful and amazing the way He gave her this vision, this plan, and how exciting to see the Global Coaches take the prayer sheet that I shared, and her plan for 1 - 1 - 12 and put them together. She's even going to include it in her "welcome" packet for her ministry. 

* that they will live a life worthy of the Lord that will please Him in every way * for them to have adequate prayer support from prayer partners who do not forget to pray for their needs * for spiritual protectionthat they will be growing in the knowledge of God and His willthat they will give joyfully to the Father * for all spiritual wisdom and understanding * that they will have great endurance and patience * for increased faith * against discouragement * that God will open the door for the message of Jesus Christ to be shared * that they will be able to share the message clearly so it can be understood by those who hear * that God will give them the appropriate words to speak as they have the opportunity to share the message * for them to be a reflection of Christ among the people whom he/she is serving * for them to be delivered from wicked and evil people who wish to do them harm * for God to give them the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that they will each know Christ better * for the word of God to spread rapidly - for numerous new believers * that the message will be honored - that people will believe the message and enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ and His church * that they will declare the message of God fearlessly in love * for perseverance * for the incomparably great power of God in each one of them * against discouragement * that they may stand firm in all the will of God, mature and fully assured * that whatever they do or say, it will all be done in the name of Jesus Christ * for endurance and strength * against spiritual attacks from the enemy * for diligence * for power * for steadfastness * against fear * against opposition * for God’s guidance in their future plans * against discouragement

THEN you could almost see the lights turning on over people's heads - "I need to get people to pray for ME using this formula!" And yes, I want to have 31 people praying for ME too!! :)  I'll follow her plan, so I can send out prayer requests, etc. but if you are interested, please let me know so I can include you!

I still have boxes to unpack, but it's getting done. I still have not put a drop of paint on one wall, but in time it will happen. I still have so much to do - but it will keep. For now, I just want to relax in His glory, in all He is doing all around me. Life isn't perfect (when is it?), and I'm not perfect, but I'm really learning to be content in these circumstances. I really love seeing this house get used for His glory. Love the young college girls that He has put in my life to love on, pray for, and mentor around the edges. They are amazing! I LOVE the things He is doing with my ONE friend, the one that I've known for 20 years now, and how we are getting to serve together at Souls Harbor in Rogers - a residential facility for men. I love how He is drawing her closer through this, how it's filling her heart to be able to use the gifts and talents that He has given her. WOW. I get to be a part of it, and a witness to it! He is SO good. 

My heart feels so full. I feel so blessed. The community of believers at New Heights is so caring. I'm seeing what Lee (one of the pastors and GO leader) means when he said that folks at New Heights are RELATIONAL. It just took me a bit to find the circle that my "relations" would be in. Well, He's led me to it now!

Thanks for bearing with me in all things. For praying against discouragement and praying for friendships (not yet...but I'm hopeful). I could use more prayer - against these hives (5 days in a row now...all on my back..not fun), for equipping and encouragement for the GO team and coaches, for good timing with Mark's schedule, my schedule, and a sweetness in our marriage. That we would be salt and light, and that we would bring Him glory in all areas of our life. 

thank you. 
i'm humbled. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Moving on along...

Monday was a personally HORRID day, but on the other side, I realize how it was all spiritual warfare and will battle memories of it with LOTS of prayer. More on that another day.

Tuesday was AMAZING!! Getting to watch and partake of an explosion of God's outpouring through the Community Group Launch through (in)courage and the community group I'm co-leading {relatively}empty nesting . I'm still reeling from the flurry of activity as we connect and fellowship through the blog site, our facebook group (same name), and twitter feed (relativelyempty - which is how we feel some days!!). I'm SO BLESSED to get to be a part of it all. :)

By the way - a side note here: If you are NOT an empty nester - not to worry - go to the (in)courage site and find yesterday's post - and find the group that will describe YOU to a "T", and sign up to join it!! It's NOT too late!! I want you to be a part of this amazing community!!

Today, it's back to everyday, with a bit of wonderful around the edges. It's starting to feel like home. When I'm out and about, and I think of going "home", it's THIS house that comes to mind...I'm not looking for my Kentucky roads (although I MISS my Kentucky friends!!). In time that will come too.

Church is better. I still don't know what the purpose is of God bringing me there, but I'm growing ok with that. I'll wait.

I met with an "assigned" mentee last night - and I'm excited to get to start building relationship with her. She's an amazing college student with a heart of passion for Jesus. I won't mention her here much, but it IS something I'm doing, putting myself out there to build a foundation for ministry and community HERE.

Today I'm going to Joplin, to meet with a team mate of one of our ministry partners, who happens to be someone that was supported through the Global Outreach program at our old church, Crossroads Christian in Newburgh, IN. I'm looking forward to the quiet time of the hour + drive, and the fellowship of a fellow believer, and hearing what God has planned for them and the future of their ministry. I'm also looking forward to seeing her kids. I miss kids in my life.  (sigh)

We are doing a few other things to build community through the church; hosting a group of girls to come and eat with us a few times a month, joining in a "Discovery" group - sort of like a new believer's class, but combined with the church history and building community...prayerfully we will all launch into a small group at the end of it's run. We are also trying to connect with one of the teaching pastors over missions...but it just hasn't worked out in the schedule.

It's ok. We've only been in the house for 10 days.

More later. Soon.
I appreciate your prayers more than you'll ever know!!
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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Good Things to Come

In the midst of the craziness of moving, I have some exciting news to share! 

Through the blessing of DaySpring's online women's ministry, (in)courage, the community of blogging is exploding into new territory! Although I'll keep posting my normal life blogs here at Marina's Kitchen Table, I'm also teaming up with Teresa Ahrenholtz as we create (relatively)EmptyNesting as a place to discuss and encourage those of you that are in the same season of life as us - learning ways to enrich our marriages (and balance friendships), how to “parent” without “PARENTING”, living with “boomerang kids” (they keep moving back home, for a variety of reasons), wandering adult children (spiritually and geographically), having a life after raising kids (ministry opportunities, “you” time), grand-parenting (up close and from a distance), and how to live a full and balanced life - but not ready for retirement (yet) - these are all areas of discussion we hope to share with you.  Woven through it all we want to share the wonderful GRACE that God gives us as He threads all this together with our need to deepen our relationship with Him! 

If this relates to your current (or upcoming) season in life, please join in with us! You can find us at {relatively}EmptyNesting, then sign in to follow us, and link up with us at Facebook, Twitter, and add us to a circle on Google+ so we can enjoy conversations together. 

I know it's a LOT of social media outlets, but we wanted to be sure to include all of you, and make the best use of the tools available to us! 

We don't claim to have all the answers (far from it!) but we DO commit to open, honest conversations and LOTS of prayer in this community!! We will share from our own lives genuinely, for better or worse, and hold each others' hands as we walk this journey together. I promise you, you can learn from our mistakes, and it won't cost you a thing!! 

We also value your input, and look forward to hearing your stories of trial and victory! So won't you join us? And be sure to follow Teresa and I on our "day to day" pages where we share what God is doing in us on a day to day basis. 

I'm looking forward to seeing you there!!

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