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The Beginner's Bible App... REALLY!!

I have had an opportunity to preview an app for my iPad, based on the children's version of the Beginner's Bible. WOW! It's really great! The initial pack is free, and you can purchase other sections of the Beginner's Bible app in 6 story increments for $1.99. Each section includes the Bible, broken down into popular stories, an audio version that will read it to your child, and games, coloring pages, and puzzles for them to play with on the application, based on the stories. It is so easy to navigate, and the audio version is really appealing - not a computer sounding voice, but actual male/female voices reading slowly. It highlights each word as it is spoken/read, which will help early readers in their vocabulary. Animal sounds in the background, and movement on the picture pages adds to the fun for the little ones. This is not deep theological Bible study, but a GREAT first story Bible for your kids and grandkids (or even for the kids you babysit!). I'd muc

Seasons of WOW!!

WOW.  The colors of Autumn have been amazing!  BREATHTAKING! So much if the earth is breaking out in celebration of the glory of the Lord! Vibrant reds. Yellow too bright to look at in the sunlight. Even the subtle shades of the evergreens seem to be stepping up their game.  LOOK at what He has made me to BE.  Glorious. Our son and his fiancĂ©, in all of God's glorious fall color!  WOW. It has started.  The season of rest, wonder, wandering, has come to a close. Through a difficult waiting time, God's spoken, and plugged us in. Again we will carry the banner for missionary care, but this time the GO isn't Global Outreach, but Global Outfitters. I LOVE it! God's persistence in planting us at New Heights is finally "paying off" in getting to serve there. The past 2 weeks have been full of great meetings, sharing experiences, encouraging words, exciting optimism for the future. I feel as if I'm in step with Mark, and WE are in step

Moving on along...

Monday was a personally HORRID day, but on the other side, I realize how it was all spiritual warfare and will battle memories of it with LOTS of prayer. More on that another day. Tuesday was AMAZING!! Getting to watch and partake of an explosion of God's outpouring through the Community Group Launch through (in)courage  and the community group I'm co-leading {relatively}empty nesting  . I'm still reeling from the flurry of activity as we connect and fellowship through the blog site, our facebook group (same name), and twitter feed (relativelyempty - which is how we feel some days!!). I'm SO BLESSED to get to be a part of it all. :) By the way - a side note here: If you are NOT an empty nester - not to worry - go to the (in)courage site and find yesterday's post - and find the group that will describe YOU to a "T", and sign up to join it!! It's NOT too late!! I want you to be a part of this amazing community!! Today, it's back to everyday, wi

Good Things to Come

Hello!! In the midst of the craziness of moving, I have some exciting news to share!  Through the blessing of DaySpring's online women's ministry, (in)courage , the community of blogging is exploding into new territory! Although I'll keep posting my normal life blogs here at Marina's Kitchen Table, I'm also teaming up with Teresa Ahrenholtz as we create (relatively)EmptyNesting as a place to discuss and encourage those of you that are in the same season of life as us - learning ways to enrich our marriages (and balance friendships), how to “parent” without “PARENTING”, living with “boomerang kids” (they keep moving back home, for a variety of reasons), wandering adult children (spiritually and geographically), having a life after raising kids (ministry opportunities, “you” time), grand-parenting (up close and from a distance), and how to live a full and balanced life - but not ready for retirement (yet) - these are all areas of discussion we hope to share wi