Sunday, September 16, 2012

She Said YES!!

We got a text a bit ago, and just got off the phone with our son Jason...who has just proposed to his girlfriend Shannon...and SHE SAID YES!!

We're so excited, for both of them. I know that Jason's always prayed to be a husband and father someday, and he's exhibited Christ-like love to his soon to be bride. <3 p="p">
Wow! Exciting!! Now to make it through the planning stages (not my department this time - I get to be the mom of the groom, and only do what's asked of me - which I'll gladly do!!) and then their wedding day. I see my biggest part, from now till then (and well after then), will be to pray for them. Satan can't stand when Christians build their marriage on Christian foundations, and will look for any way to pull them apart or cause them to sin. Pray for them to remain true to Jesus, that He will be the example and foundation of their love and marriage, and that they will continue to give their BEST to Jesus. THEN they will have a successful marriage!!

Join me please, as we keep them lifted in prayer! 

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