Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Book Review: "Faith and Other Flat Tires" by Andrea Palpant Dilley

It's been a while since I sat down and did some consumable reading - reading just for me, not for a class, or a study, just a book that I wanted to read. I've been EXTREMELY busy lately, and this was really the first time I'd had to catch my breath.

I'd received a copy of Faith and Other Flat Tires from Zondervan Publishers to preview - and it got lost in the shuffle. I felt horrible, but with moving, it has just been that busy (and unorganized).

I found the book just a few days ago, and it coincided with the fact that I was getting to a point of having some time on my hand, so I thought I'd start to read...I didn't expect that I wouldn't want to put the book down!!

This book is really well written, and tells the very real story of the author's own childhood and growing up as a MK (Missionary Kid) with a faith of her own, and how through adolescence in the U.S. church (and school) she turned her back on God.

The story is very real, very interesting. Her thought process was really intellectual - especially for someone reflecting back to her younger ages, and her doubt became very real. I loved the questions she asked, even early on, and think that it helped her to be able to then ask questions to allow her to come back to her faith in God.

Andrea's writing style is very easy to follow, but a little heady (from all the intellectual stimulation that she has access to) and she writes citing often the works of secular and religious authors that are standards on he project.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is thinking about sending their family into a mission field, as it shows good and bad ways that it impacts a child - making 3rd Culture Kids a very real topic. I think that even someone who had doubts of their faith, or considered leaving their walk with God would glean wisdom from it, but better still for those that have wondered, doubted, or was curious - or those that love someone who is walking on the fringes of faith, leaving behind their walk with God, or dancing on the fence - this book will be a great resource, a small glimpse into their mind, and a wide cast of net on how to pray for them as they wander...

The technicalities:

I did receive a complimentary copy of the book from Zondervan, but in no way did the receipt of this book influence my review.

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