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FMF - "Grasp"

I'm linking up with DaySpring's (in)courage   Lisa-Jo Baker on her Five Minute Friday , and the topic today is "Grasp". Just FIVE minutes of unedited writing on her chosen topic...just to put it out there - START I think of the NOOMA video, the one where Rob Bell is talking about "letting go of the good to grab hold of the better" - and his son being at the beach with hands full of shells, when he is playing in the water and a star fish happens to bob by on the top of the water. He wants to grasp hold of it so badly, but his hands are full of these shells, random bits and pieces that have washed up on the shore...and this perfect star fish is a gift from God, but he isn't willing to let go of the "every day" to GRASP hold of the "amazing". I feel like my life is like that so often. I'm doing these GOOD things, KINGDOM things that are making a difference, and I'm enthralled to do it. But sometimes I miss an opportunity t

Thank you...

To those that have heard my cry and feel led to pray for me...thank you! Thank you to my daughters, who have given me precious FaceTime with them and their kids! And please don't misunderstand...I love my husband VERY much, I need to learn to love him in new ways, and want at least another 28 years with him! After no time off the past 3 years, and a little time off the 20 years before that ( most of which was spent chasing our kids around SW MO), I need to learn to spend time with him, even if its just watching tv, or unpacking boxes! The backgammon game is coming back to the kitchen table... Thanks for praying!

The Monday Morning After...

I know, I know....I wrote this great blog on renewed hope - and today - well, really yesterday and now today - I am waking up needing to take a dose of my own medicine. Depressed. Lonely. From going to a life FULL to so much empty is so painful. I KNOW that there is more "out there", that He doesn't want me to be holed up in the house listening to the whimpering Abbey the Wonderdog (because she KNOWS something isn't right with me, she's that good). I'm trying. I'm praying. I'm setting goals to get out of the house, and praying God will open a few doors. Mark was super encouraged because 2 of the neighbors have come over to introduce themselves. One man next door; and the woman on the other side next door. They are delightful. Really. Just not kindred spirits. Not family. And in the Mark and I still getting to know each other phase of all this - well, Sunday didn't go so well at chu

Victory Over a Hurting Heart - Giving God the Glory!

I've referenced my time in SW Missouri before, my " 40 years in the desert " (well, it was 18, but it felt like 40!) and how I struggled there. What brought us there was a job that took my husband off the road, restored my marriage, and gave us a chance to be a somewhat normal family. It was in that desert that we learned so much, grew so much , and fell in love all over again while driving back country roads and hiking along cold, gushing springs. It was also the first place we encountered small town life, a lot of physical illness, and a cutting, painful hurt from a community of believers. There's no way for me to recount the hurts that we encountered, and I doubt I could even remember every time I was hurt. I am certain that you could relate to each one we experienced -  in several different churches, several different denominations. It doesn't matter really. It's all water under the bridge... or over it!! The thing that's important is what hap

Life since the move....

This is a letter I wrote to a few friends back in KY (I almost put "back home"!! YIPES!! I don't remember ever looking back at a place as "back home"!). I thought that since it's general enough to share - I'd put it here too...just in case I missed anyone, and LORD KNOWS, the way I've been lately - I probably did miss at least a few friends that have said "keep me posted...". (forgive me!) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I apologize for the group email - I just want to make sure that you all are brought up to date as much as possible...although today is a low key day, I started this last night (and fell asleep writing it!) The trip out was uneventful and fine, and we arrived in Springdale at the apartment as scheduled on Sunday. Packing the truck in Henderson was such a chore (even with our two son in law's help - which was great!!) that by the time we'd arrived, Mark didn't want t

She Said YES!!

We got a text a bit ago, and just got off the phone with our son Jason...who has just proposed to his girlfriend Shannon...and SHE SAID YES!! We're so excited, for both of them. I know that Jason's always prayed to be a husband and father someday, and he's exhibited Christ-like love to his soon to be bride. <3 p="p"> Wow! Exciting!! Now to make it through the planning stages (not my department this time - I get to be the mom of the groom, and only do what's asked of me - which I'll gladly do!!) and then their wedding day. I see my biggest part, from now till then (and well after then), will be to pray for them. Satan can't stand when Christians build their marriage on Christian foundations, and will look for any way to pull them apart or cause them to sin. Pray for them to remain true to Jesus, that He will be the example and foundation of their love and marriage, and that they will continue to give their BEST to Jesus. THEN they will have

5 Minute Friday Challenge on "Focus"

I'm joining in on Lisa-Jo Baker's weekly challenge to spend just 5 minutes with no if's, and's, or but's on a given topic. No corrections. No track backs. Just writing in the raw. This week's topic is "Focus" Set my timer....ok GO When I sit at my computer/lap top, I can't seem to focus on anything else after a while. the stories of women, all ages, all places in life, all physical places around the world - capture me! Suddenly the space I'm in seems really insignificant and small. I know it's not just that - I believe God's given me a reason and a season to live it in. I am just in transition right now. and just like my eyesight that seems to lose the ability to go from up close to far away very easily very quickly, it takes me time to adjust my heart. my attitude. my mindset. MY FOCUS. Right now I don't have a focus. Well, just selfish ones. Like walking Abbey. Preparing dinner and staying off my phone/internet/email w

The A, B, C's of Me! :)

Age: 51 Bed Size:  K with hubby, anything w/o him Chore I Hate: Laundry Dogs: yep, 1 - Abbey the Wonderdog Essential to start my day: Time with God (and brushing my teeth) Favorite Color:  Periwinkle (or Valspar Prairie Sky) Gold or Silver: Silver Height:  5'1 1/2" Instrument I play: Not a single one! Job Title:  SAHW Kids:  3 grown, 5 grands (1 more on the way!) Live: In transition...almost Fayetteville, AR Mother’s Name: Shackie (she went by Frances) Nicknames: Meem, Miss M'rina, Gramma Overnight hospital stays:  Yep! 3 kids + other stuff. Pet Peeves:  Yes. (hehe) I like old fashioned basic manners. Quote from a movie: Too many to choose just one! Right or Left Handed:  Right for writing, but left for others. Siblings:  Yes. 2 older 1/2 sisters (same mom) and one younger sister. Time it takes me to get ready:  30 minutes, shower and all! Ultimate Vacation:  Put me on a warm beach somewhere!! (Loved the Mediterranean) Vegetable I

stuff. and more stuff.

I wanted to post this as a comment on another blog - but it grew into it's own post! They were discussing living with less, more simply. Something I've seen in and out of season, as God's led. Everyone's to be content - with little or much - so everyone has to keep it in perspective to their own situations. So here it is: We just made our second move with all our belongings stuffed in a 26 ft UHaul and one car. :) It's exciting, and humbling to know that all your stuff fits in a vehicle that small. I know I'm blessed. We left our living room and dining room furniture with our daughter and son in law and that's something that didn't take up space. We sold our home with all of our appliances - but the original move 2 1/2 years ago had included all those things. We've lived as a family of 5 +1 aunt (and 2 dogs and 2 cats) in a 700 sq ft house when the kids were all little.  Then this year, in helping our oldest and her family prepa

A letter to my husband...Mark (Faith Barista Bonnie Gray's Jam topic)

Bonnie Gray likes to ask us to write on a common topic and link from her site to ours on Thursdays. I'm out of practice, but this week's letter is LONG overdue, and the timing is just...well...right. Dear Mark, I know that I've been an emotional dork lately. After praying with you so fervently for so long for God to lead, direct, and open a door for your next career step - now here I am all swollen eyes and crying over the move this weekend. I'm so proud of you, and SO excited for you! I love hearing from you every day, how wonderful work is going (even on challenging days), and all the new things you are getting to do, people you are meeting, departments you are working with. I've known for so long that God created you for so much more, and how you were getting so worn out from the routine stress of the last position. It's such a joy to hear about the way things are working there at the office, how folks like your ideas, even when it stirs up too much

Book Review: "Faith and Other Flat Tires" by Andrea Palpant Dilley

It's been a while since I sat down and did some consumable reading - reading just for me, not for a class, or a study, just a book that I wanted to read. I've been EXTREMELY busy lately, and this was really the first time I'd had to catch my breath. I'd received a copy of Faith and Other Flat Tires  from Zondervan Publishers to preview - and it got lost in the shuffle. I felt horrible, but with moving, it has just been that busy (and unorganized). I found the book just a few days ago, and it coincided with the fact that I was getting to a point of having some time on my hand, so I thought I'd start to read...I didn't expect that I wouldn't want to put the book down!! This book is really well written, and tells the very real story of the author's own childhood and growing up as a MK (Missionary Kid) with a faith of her own, and how through adolescence in the U.S. church (and school) she turned her back on God. The story is very real, very interest


the air was thick with fog, the humidity holding the air heavy and still. not even a critter would dare make a sound. even the click of my tongue to prompt my dog Abbey along seemed to be too loud. quiet was the perfect sound.  i didn't intend on walking the whole loop; the entire mile and a half that goes through the big house just sort of happened. abbey kept walking on auto pilot, and the stillness of the impending darkness just pulled me along the roadside. along the roadside, trash cans pulled to the curbs for tomorrow mornings pick up. driveways full of boats pulled from the river as they celebrated the last weekend of the summer. not a person was on the street.  no streetlights flickered on as the night crept in. this neighborhood only has house lights, and they came on, one by one, almost lighting my way.  abbey just sniffed along, drinking from the earlier rain that was still trickling down the gutters. my pace was steady, but not fast - no reason to ru