Friday, August 10, 2012

The Skinny....on the move...

I am not skinny...but I've always liked that term to refer to "what's going on?"

Our house has sold, and is in the process of inspections. By mid-week we should know if we're on schedule to close by the buyers requested date of 9/14 (of course, it's a little different, since we are a company move, and they close with us, then sell to the buyer on the close date...or something like that!).

So, not a termite was there's the home inspection on Monday morning...and I think then they respond if they find anything wrong that we need to fix (I have NO idea what they could find, but we'll see!), and get it fixed.

I'm excited that it sold so quickly (less than a month on the market! - God's SO good!!) and I trust Him to find a place for us to buy just as quickly! My prayer is that by Oct. 1st we'll be settled in SOMEWHERE :)

I'm also excited that Mark loves his job!! So much fun to hear him talk, with excitement, about how each day goes by. At first I thought the move was all about Mark, but since he's started working there, we see God putting together a plan for me there too. I don't have solid details yet, but God's on the move!! I'll keep you posted!

Mark's found a church there too!! New Heights Church in Fayetteville is where we'll call home. :) YAY!! They are very missional, and although I haven't listened to their services online yet, Mark's said that they are good, and it's inspired him in several ways. I can't wait!!

And we know some folks in the area!! Mostly 20-30 year olds (marrieds, young families) but hey, I'll take it!! Although we hope to get involved with International Students there too, I hope that we get to build some great friendships....because it's going to take some GREAT friendships to help me get over leaving all these great friends here.  (sigh)

So, that's what's up for now! Thanks for your prayers...keep them up!! They are SO appreciated!!

Love and blessings,

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