Thursday, August 23, 2012

A prayer request beyond myself...

Every now and again I get an emailed prayer request for a situation or circumstance that is completely beyond what I can imagine. The following one came from the ICOM newsletter, and demand prayerful attention!
Pray for the Smith Family
L. Smith, a 2008 Johnson Bible College graduate, was one of the first people shot in the Denver, Coloradotheatre shooting that happened not too long ago. L took a shotgun hit in the leg while protecting his new bride. Needless to say, the whole experience has been traumatic. They were also burned out of his job (literally) with the Colorado Springs fires. His parents attend the North Syracuse Christian Church in New York and work with Canadian Evangelism Ministries/Strategic World Partnerships. L and his new wife have been married 3 months. They are in New York recuperating from these events. Please pray for them!

The 2nd request is fOr a friend, Mrs D who has left to take a teaching job in another country in Africa. Her husband will join her in a few weeks, but for now she's on her own, getting adjusted, starting a new job in a place she doesn't speak the language! Prayers please!!


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